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NYU Tisch & Steinhardt.....numbers


Replies to: NYU Tisch & Steinhardt.....numbers

  • AlphaScorpiiAlphaScorpii Registered User Posts: 73 Junior Member
    @toowonderul, i would say it also translates to 'bragging rights' , which I think also affectss parents more then students :)
  • bisouubisouu Registered User Posts: 2,553 Senior Member
    @toowonderful My daughter and I took a different approach (for us a more realistic one) and stayed away from schools that had such tiny admission rates knowing full well the chances of getting in were almost impossible…the one she did get into had a 24% rate (if I remember right) and I thought that was a ridiculous longshot… My daughter has never measured her talent or worth by extraneous factors (now her mother is a different story and I needed that one BFA acceptance for my own validation not hers) . She's been in the business long enough to know that none of this means anything to her passion or career path.
  • uskoolfishuskoolfish Registered User Posts: 2,929 Senior Member
    @Bogeyw I will attempt to answer your question, although the answer in terms of Tisch is not 100% clear. I am basing my response on the experience I've had with my own two D's at NYU Steinhardt and with info from people I have known over the years who have applied to Tisch in both Drama and Film. Remember, too, that financial aid and merit aid policies can change year to year at any college, so I would try to confirm by speaking to Tisch admissions, NYU admissions and financial aid directly.

    NYU starts the financial aid process by determining whether a student has need or not. If your EFC/Css profile shows that your expected family contribution is above the cost of the school, then you are determined to not have need and you are not considered for any of the scholarships and grants that have a need component. In general, this disqualifies you for almost all of the aid that NYU offers for both talent and academics. If you are at the tippy top of the heap academically, you may qualify for a few scholarships that do not have a need component like the MLK Jr. Scholarships which are open to all students at NYU.


    There are also some scholarships that are listed for specific schools to the right on the page above. If you notice, Steinhardt is listed and if you go to that link it lists artistic scholarships for art and music. My older D was awarded a $11K merit scholarship per year when she applied for MT in Steinhart in 2008 that was one of those awards. We did not have any need and it was a purely merit scholarship for students who would not have qualified for any other need-based award. That award is given out by the VP department in the regular decision round. It is not the same award that a student with need gets as part of their financial aid package. These scholarships are listed on the common data set for NYU as scholarships for students without need.

    You will notice that Tisch is not listed as a school that has a similar award--or any school specific merit awards. That is where this whole thing becomes murky. Over the years, people have gotten different responses from Tisch as to whether these merit awards without need exist. I know that they did exist in the past. I know that there are some CC parents whose students have received them in the past. I would pose the question to Tisch admissions, NYU general admissions and financial aid if I were applying without need, to try to get an answer.

    So far, I've been only talking about merit aid without need. But there is a lot of merit aid that is awarded to students with need. Basically if NYU really wants you--based on talent, academics, whatever--they will include grants and scholarships in their financial aid package that will reduce the bottom line cost. These grants and scholarships can be given various names (for talent, academics, leadership) and are for different amounts, but essentially they are merit aid and will be awarded not just based on your need, but based on the fact that NYU wants you to enroll and is sweetening the pot.

    So some students will be left with rather large gaps even though they are accepted, and others with their need almost met. I know through my D's that the students who actually enroll in the music and art departments in Steinhardt and drama and film at Tisch seem to fall into two categories: students who have probably been awarded the highest financial aid awards and have relatively little gap and those who have received some merit aid without need. There are probably some who are taking on enormous debt, too, but most of my older D's friends in MT seem to have had work study and some additional debt over subsidized loans, but not crazy amounts.

  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,559 Senior Member
    bisouu....I agree with you that the acceptance rate to Tisch Drama is NOT In the single digits! I was merely saying that the acceptance rate for MT at Tisch is in the single digits.

    Personally speaking, I don't care how competitive a school is that my kid attends. I was only wanting them to be able to attend a school that fit them well that they wanted to attend and they were fortunate to have that option. They did not choose based on acceptance rates at all.
  • AlphaScorpiiAlphaScorpii Registered User Posts: 73 Junior Member
    @soozievt - You are a better person then I am :) - I'm sure there would be some bragging happening if my daughter got in to CMU or UMich, even though I'd rather if she was accepted and went to RCS (which I think have slightly higher acceptance rate).
  • 19MT9619MT96 Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    @soozievt, his name is Chris Andersson, not Anderson
  • mylovesmyloves Registered User Posts: 852 Member
    I do think that what studio or studios a student is willing to accept muddies the waters. My D at first said that she only wanted NSB, but then changed her mind and would be equally (or even more) excited to be admitted into ETW. I'm not sure how she'd feel about the other studios; she only talks about those two. One would have to determine each applicant's desired studio placement to figure out the odds for that studio or studios. As it is, this is the MT thread, not the acting thread, in which we ascertain the MT odds, not acting. This is just as with other programs in which one may choose to be considered for acting as well as MT; chances go up there, too, maybe only slightly, but they do go up.

    To me, placing a bunch of importance on determining exact admittance percentages when those percentages are ridiculously small to begin with (between 3 and 20 or even 25%) is like splitting hairs.
  • toowonderfultoowonderful Registered User Posts: 3,995 Senior Member
    I agree - I looked this morning - according to US News (fast Google search) Stanford had the lowest overall admit rate at about 5%. Northwestern had a 14% admit rate. That's nearly 3x higher- but would people call it an "easy" admit?
  • BogeywBogeyw Registered User Posts: 130 Junior Member
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,559 Senior Member
    The reason I was discussing the MT acceptance rate is that this discussion first started on the Acceptance rate/numbers thread for MUSICAL THEATER PROGRAMS and so if you want to maintain such data, the rate for MT is what one should examine, not the rate for acting. Comparing the acceptance rate at one program for acting/MT with another program for just MT isn't really effective.

    Also, in my view, when most MT program have acceptance rates in the single digits, it really isn't saying much to say that a school that accepts 9% is easier to get into than a school that accepts 4% when both are quite difficult odds and other factors enter into admission as well.
  • Dusing2Dusing2 Registered User Posts: 287 Junior Member
    I find this a very good conversation for next year's applicants. Comparing odds of getting into MT at CMU, Michigan, CCM an Tisch shows that Tisch would definitely be the easier admit just by numbers. I do realize there are other factors, but just looking at pure numbers, Tisch is definitely easier.
  • mylovesmyloves Registered User Posts: 852 Member
    edited March 2015
    Really, @Dusing2? It's "definitely easier" when the difference for MT is, at most, 6%? Sure, it's easier, if that's what you want to call it, by that teeny tiny margin, lol! No offense, but that is a great example of the splitting hairs I to which I was referring a few posts ago.

    I hope that people aren't flocking to audition to programs or discounting others because of these percentages. I hope that they take the time to really research which schools seem to fit their desires most. (For example, since CMU, MI, and CCM were mentioned, mine didn't go for any of those--and not because she was intimidated, but because she is looking for something different, and she met a fair share along the way who also did not include them for similar reasons. Obviously, many, many others do include them. Great for them! It's all about fit, IMO, not these minuscule differences in percentages.)

  • bisouubisouu Registered User Posts: 2,553 Senior Member
    If you are an MT kid who would not turn down an AT studio the odds are great at Tisch compared to other places.
  • mylovesmyloves Registered User Posts: 852 Member
    edited March 2015
    Yes, if you're willing to go into any of the other studios, odds are obviously much greater. If you're only willing to go into 1 or 2 others, odds are still greater, but not "overly" so, just like other programs in which one may gain acceptance to acting instead. Odds at acting programs are greater, anyway, so one would have to figure out all of that exactly in order to fairly compare them all.
  • toowonderfultoowonderful Registered User Posts: 3,995 Senior Member
    Thank you myloves!
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