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Boco thoughts and opinions?

pookiesunshinepookiesunshine Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
anyone want to give me some info on Bocos program? Pros and cons? The large class size and large price tag are what's most concerning... Is it worth it? My D was offered about a 20% scholarship... Any advice on how to bargain for more? Are these graduates getting work? We absolutely love Boston in general, but are weighing out our options...

Replies to: Boco thoughts and opinions?

  • CallieneCalliene Registered User Posts: 856 Member
    It's a very good program (my child does not go there but it was her second-to-final choice). Whether it is "worth it" though depends on what other options she has and your financial situation. Yes they do get work, but they also get work from lots of other schools... Can you go spend a day there? Things might become clearer.
  • pookiesunshinepookiesunshine Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    Thank you @Calliene ... We've actually visited the school twice... Love the facilities and the staff... Looking for thoughts on how people may think about the larger acceptance rate? Does the larger class size effect the vibe of the student/staff relationships and experiences... A class of 50 vs 20...are the students getting the guidance, training, and individual interest that price tag should offer (as compared to smaller class sizes) Or is it a the cream will rise situation?
    Does that make sense?
  • bisouubisouu Registered User Posts: 2,553 Senior Member
    @pookiesunshine I am a school teacher and small class sizes definitely have its benefits. Less competition for roles, performance opportunities, networking etc. I'm all for the small. JMHO
  • CallieneCalliene Registered User Posts: 856 Member
    I'm sure you really want to hear from people that have kids there, so sorry if I keep answering, but I do know they divide the class into smaller groups so that it doesn't feel like such a large class. But I think they do all audition for the same shows.
  • kategrizzkategrizz Registered User Posts: 787 Member
    I don't know if this helps... But just had a convo with my D. She has a very good friend at BoCo... And I asked her how it was going. The response was "she loves it... But I wouldn't like it there!" I think very large and very small programs definitely have to "fit" the kid. I guess my point is... There is no disputing BoCo is a great and well respected program - and so I wouldn't worry about the incoming freshman class size as much as I would worry about how your kid feels there! For my D's friend it was her dream school.... For my D... She couldn't see herself there at all!
  • maMTmamaMTma Registered User Posts: 311 Member
    My son was also accepted to BoCo last year but ultimately chose to go elsewhere -- Boston's our "home turf" and he really wanted to go farther away -- but he has several friends at BoCo who absolutely love it there. As you probably already know, even though each graduating class has about 60 students, they are split into groups ("cores") of 15 or so students, so there's the feeling and access to faculty of a much smaller class. As for booking work, every show I've seen in Boston (and I see a lot of them) has featured BoCo students, both current and grads, and they are usually the most impressive members of the cast!
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,555 Senior Member
    edited March 2015
    I agree with @Calliene when it comes to individual attention, you would look at the size of a class within a course/classroom. In larger programs such as BOCO or Tisch, the students are divided into smaller groups of about 15 and so the class size in the classroom is similar to to what you find in smaller programs. The difference is that the student works with a larger variety of professors over four years and mixes with a larger body of students in the major. So, yes, one should consider size of the entire program in terms of fit, but keep in mind that individual attention in the classroom would be looked at in terms of how many are in a course/classroom, not how many are in the major. Sometimes larger programs have more productions to account for size of program too. But it all comes down to the fit, vibe, and environment that someone wants. If weighing BOCO against another MT program, one likely difference is that BOCO is a stand alone conservatory without much coursework outside the major and many other programs are within a university.

    BOCO graduates definitely book good work, but like in any program, not all do. I happened to stay with a recent BOCO grad a few days ago and she is rehearsing leads in two NYC metro area shows currently.

    I don't have a kid at BOCO, though have visited twice and my kid was admitted there. I have also had advisees attend BOCO and they loved it. In retrospect, now that my kid has gone to college, I don't think BOCO would have fit her as well as the school she attended. I did see a musical at BOCO and the leads were particularly outstanding. I also know a camp friend of my D's who went to BOCO and has played leads and supporting roles on Bdway.
  • pookiesunshinepookiesunshine Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    I'll take all the thoughts and advice you want to throw my way... Much appreciated :)
    D did not get accepted into her original top choice school, but boco always moved around in her top five... Now that her choices have been layed out for her, it is by default, rapidly moving towards the number one choice. I just don't want to make the mistake of choosing boco because it is a bigger named school than some of her other offers. She does really like the vibe of the school, just doesn't want to get lost in the crowd.
  • pookiesunshinepookiesunshine Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    However, we do come from a town that does not have a large pool of MT kids to compare herself too. So maybe being around so much talent will help her set her bar and grow in all areas.
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,555 Senior Member
    edited March 2015
    My kid went to a large program and never felt "lost in the crowd." In a larger program, you simply get to work with a larger variety of professors over the four years and bond with a greater variety of kids over four years. In the classroom, it is still a small group.

    It may help if your D can talk to current BOCO students and recent grads and get their take on that and ask several, and not just one.
  • toowonderfultoowonderful Registered User Posts: 3,985 Senior Member
    Just my 2 cents on the idea of a "large" program. If training groups are small for individual attention, then a larger casting pool could be good for a kid in terms of preparation for life after college. As frequently mentioned here- being ready to work to prove yourself, and handle disappointment are vital to success in this world. A bigger pool better approximates the real world.
  • pookiesunshinepookiesunshine Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    A very wise and thought provoking 2 cents @toowonderful‌
  • bisouubisouu Registered User Posts: 2,553 Senior Member
    I have a differing opinion ( I guess because I still see my kid as a kid ) Life is going to hit our kids upside the head before we know it and giving them an additional 4 years to find themselves, maneuver the system, train, audition, perform in the relative safety of college makes me feel good. My daughter is well aware of the hardships her profession is going to afford her when she graduates. I don't want or need her to experience it quite yet. ( Although all the BFA rejections have given her a small taste). For my daughter (in a non BFA) she is going to learn by doing. So it is incredibly important for her to be in an environment that will allow for tons of stage time. Small theater department was critical for her and so far it has paid off greatly.
  • diglassdiglass Registered User Posts: 154 Junior Member
    @pookiesunshine‌ Sorry I don't have any great info to share. Just wanted to share my support. My D was not accepted into her top choice either. Turns out that BoCo (for Dance) is her only acceptance and she is on the wait list at 2 schools. I think that BoCo may be the best fit for my D. however I want her to feel like she is attending the school that is the best fit in her eyes. I hope that your D can find the best fit for her. Good luck!
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