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Summer Stock Help!

musicalz4lyfemusicalz4lyfe 1 replies1 threads New Member
I am a sophomore musical theatre major, who cannot make the UPTAs, NETCs, Strawhats, or Midwest Auditions for summer stock because of school obligations. :/
Can anyone here help me out with names of theatre companies that allow video submissions?!
I would be forever grateful.
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Replies to: Summer Stock Help!

  • kksmom5kksmom5 499 replies47 threads Member
    There are lots of places that accept video submissions, you just have to research. This might help you get started.

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  • mom4bwayboymom4bwayboy 1667 replies28 threads Senior Member
    Some places accept videos even if they don't specifically say so. You could try sending, unless website says specifically NOT to.
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  • Jkellynh17Jkellynh17 1987 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Wow, you never hear anything good about Shakespeare in the Valley, do you?
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  • MT4LifeMT4Life 85 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I had never heard anything about them before -- but I thought this article tried very hard (and was successful, to my mind) about saying these are concerns in general, and not just at one specific theatre.
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  • monkey13monkey13 996 replies33 threads Senior Member
    The bottom line is that this is a pretty outrageous and unenforceable contract. They really should have a lawyer familiar with theatres re-vamp it for them.

    But ... face it. Many summer stocks can get away with paying poorly, horrendous housing conditions, dangerous conditions, and unenforceable contracts because of supply and demand. When you have hundreds of actors waiting on line at 6 a.m. for a job where you get paid $100-$150/week, live in a grungy room with 5 other people, and have to wash costumes, clean bathrooms, move sets, take care of kids, etc. during your "spare" time (for a total of 10-12 hour working days), the theatres will continue to offer jobs with these downsides. If you're Equity, you don't have to deal with this. (But if you're Equity, there are fewer jobs). It's a catch-22 for our kids, and it's awful.

    There are some great summer stocks out there, and some of them even pay decently, or at least pay poorly but don't treat the actors like slaves. I don't think its going to change any time soon, unfortunately. :(
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  • TheaterHiringCoTheaterHiringCo 159 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I could go on a long rant about all the ways that this can and SHOULD change, but I won't - it is useless.

    The number one thing to remember, and to pass along to your children - you are a human being first, and deserve to be treated like one. Any company that tries to violate the law to employ you is not doing you any favors. There are ways to run a high reputation, high functioning, non-equity theatre.

    The ONE thing in that contract that IS normal speak, though, is the Likeness commentary. We have something similar. We follow Equity's guidelines of when we can/can't use their picture - but it didn't feel intentionally misleading. (And even Equity allows theatres to put up pictures of their alumni everywhere and say "BLAH BLAH WORKED HERE")
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  • Inspired59Inspired59 171 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Has anyone heard from about an audition slot from NETC this year?
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  • Raam1012Raam1012 336 replies3 threads Member
    There are people on another thread who heard yesterday.
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