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theaterworktheaterwork Registered User Posts: 1,499 Senior Member
Does anyone know how many CMU audition every year? Ballpark?

Replies to: CMU

  • theaterworktheaterwork Registered User Posts: 1,499 Senior Member
    Sorry double posted lol
  • toowonderfultoowonderful Registered User Posts: 4,137 Senior Member
    I have read 2000 on this site
  • theaterworktheaterwork Registered User Posts: 1,499 Senior Member
    Aargh yikes!! Wonder if that's accurate? We're not going there but someone we know wants to ... Just wondered for them...
  • stagedoormamastagedoormama Registered User Posts: 793 Member
    Yes around 2000 is my understanding. One of the parents whose child made it into CMU this year said 3500- so not sure which is quite right but it's a huge number.
  • vvnstarvvnstar Registered User Posts: 1,728 Senior Member
    We've often heard that everyone, no matter who they are, should approach applying to CMU as if they are buying a lottery ticket. Somebody's going to win, it might as well be you. There certainly should be no surprise and no shame if not accepted. The odds for acceptance are definitely not in anyone's favor. But oh how exciting if your number is drawn!

    Having said that, there are lots of really talented people who just don't feel the school is the right fit for them for a variety of reasons. And that's ok too. It is a great program. But you can get great training lots of places.
  • velmakellyvelmakelly Registered User Posts: 14 New Member
    2000-2500 audition, 24 are accepted for acting/music theatre. These numbers are directly from the women in charge of the auditions.
  • halflokumhalflokum Registered User Posts: 1,870 Senior Member
    edited August 2016
    These numbers will also include auditions held at PA HS feeder programs they reach out to as well as any private group auditions they attend as well as the open to anyone Unifides and on campus auditions. I have no doubt the number is large as it is the hot school but I guess I'd want to ask myself what that number really means not only in terms of the wow factor of "wow... they audition that many and take 24" but also the math of "how the heck can such a small program do this and still actually have the time teach my student if they are one of the 24?"

    24 students per class total means a pretty small department because no university could afford to staff an army for that few students. Think about the math of processing 2000 - 3500 auditions or whatever the real number actually is. Assume what? 5-15 minutes/audition (it's likely longer from what people say here) and also think about how many faculty members are taken out of teaching to to process those numbers.I started to play around with a spreadsheet but realized I am not the person to create it as my daughter did not apply to CMU. I have no idea how many auditions dates they offer nor how many faculty members they send. Not that the real math matters. Probably it's safe to assume whether it is 1000 for 24 or 3500 for 24... it's really competitive. Probably also safe to assume the core department members spend a lot of time on admissions.
  • halflokumhalflokum Registered User Posts: 1,870 Senior Member
    edited August 2016
    Also not sure if for any of the schools (this is not just about CMU.. no beef with CMU which is a fantastic program) do they mean individual auditioners or individual auditions? If a school that tests singing, dance and acting. Is that 3 auditions or 1 in the count? (I know CMU does not test dance. I'm speaking in general). In a past life I did market studies and surveys. I know that the way you ask the question matters and can change the answer and the data.

    It's an election year and everything is apparently YUGE. Pardon my skepticism but really I don't get the math on half of the claims about these schools but in particular if they are associated with a really small and select program, who the heck is teaching the students at hand while they are processing 2000 - 3500 auditions?
  • theaterworktheaterwork Registered User Posts: 1,499 Senior Member
    Yeah it seems crazy . I don't have a stake in the whole CMU thing since it's not on our list but it is for a friend. I can tell you when anyone asks me about where my D is applying they ALWAYS ask about CMU...then they make me feel guilty for it not being an option lol, just this week three people brought it up. It's annoying. One lady made out like I didn't think my D was talented enough to get in or I didn't have enough "faith in her" to "reach for the stars" WTH ? Anyway...not sure why everyone's so obsessed w/ it but I guess it's because it's so well known.
    I will say I know their audition process seems to be positive for everyone who's done it but I just question their decision not to prescreen when they have SO many apply. Not every school prescreens I know, BUT a lot of those schools don't process that large number of apps either. I mean that's a lot of people who to be honest shouldn't be anywhere near there & we all know it. Plus it does suck up an audition you have to schedule in when you might be better served using that time elsewhere...
    Just my 2 cents...
  • vvnstarvvnstar Registered User Posts: 1,728 Senior Member
    I would look at the number of days they spend on auditions, not the number of individual auditions themselves, if you are trying to figure out how much time the administrators/faculty spend on auditions. I believe most of their auditions happen on weekends although certainly they do miss some school days to audition. They have done this for a very long time and I have not heard of students there complaining about not getting enough instruction or attention. But it could be something to look into further. I do not think they spend any more time auditioning than any of the other major programs.

    I can say, although she was not accepted there, it was one of my D's favorite auditions - they never seemed rushed even though they were dealing with large numbers of people. They spent lots of time working with her and re-working her pieces. And back then, they still did a dance call as well. Applicants were asked to allow 4 hours for the audition (she auditioned for them at Unifieds in Chicago). They had their process down to a science. Very warm and welcoming people. It was a great experience. In Chicago, I believe there were about 100 kids auditioning per 4 hour session. They were broken down into 4 groups of about 25 each and they rotated between dance, voice and 2 different acting auditions. CMU had 2 four hour blocks you could sign up for each day. So - doing the math - if they did 4 days of auditions, 2 sessions per day, 100 students per session that means they auditioned 800 just at Chicago Unifieds. They do the same thing in NY and in LA. And they have their on campus auditions. So I do think 2000+ could be accurate.

    I'm not sure if you are referring to Interlochen when speaking of a PA school, but Ds year the Interlochen kids auditioned for CMU at Chicago unifieds. CMU did not audition on the Interlochen campus. CMU also did not attend Moonifieds my Ds year. I'm not aware of them auditioning at an individual school or for private groups, but they may.

    They are known to do master classes around the the country, especially throughout the summer. But these are not audition opportunities. Those students who participate in master classes still have to audition for them either on campus or at one of the Unified locations.

  • Notmath1Notmath1 Registered User Posts: 572 Member
    @vvnstar doesn't CMU audition at Pebblebrook performing arts high school in Atlanta?
  • vvnstarvvnstar Registered User Posts: 1,728 Senior Member
    @notmath1 - I have no idea all of the places they audition. It's possible I guess. I just know the Interlochen kids, my Ds year auditioning, auditioned in Chicago.
  • vvnstarvvnstar Registered User Posts: 1,728 Senior Member
    Here are CMUs audition dates from last year. As you will see, out of all the days the MT/Acting programs auditioned, they auditioned on 8 school/week days - so probably didn't miss too much class time. At least on this schedule, no private school or group auditions are indicated.

  • theaterworktheaterwork Registered User Posts: 1,499 Senior Member
    All I know is 2000 kids is a lot! Like it's sorta ridiculous to let them ALL audition without some sort of prescreen process. Seems like the auditors would go brain dead after awhile . I know they do it every year but really anyone would start zoning out ...
  • vvnstarvvnstar Registered User Posts: 1,728 Senior Member
    That's just it though @theaterwork ... I'm not sure how they do it, but D found them to be MORE engaged and interested than many of her other auditions. Their complete audition experience, the amount of time they spent, and the quality of feedback they gave was some of the best of any school D auditioned for. CMU is not for everyone, and you shouldn't audition if you know it's not the right place for your kid, but it is a super audition experience.

    I think it's great that they allow as many as possible to audition. For some kids, just the chance to meet the faculty and get their feedback firsthand is a great opportunity in and of itself. Knowing they don't have a prescreen process, students need to be realistic about their chances of getting in before deciding to audition for them. There is no secret about how hard it is to get in. It's a longshot for all applicants no matter how talented.

    For those willing and wanting to give it a try, it is a great experience whether you get in or not.
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