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Gap year - warning

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Some parents (including me) are supportive of the idea of taking a gap year for students who didn't "get in" to the program they wanted in the audition year. My D is completing a very successful gap year (but that is another post).

What I want to alert you to now is the health insurance issue. My D turned 19 during the gap year, and thus aged off our family policy. Because she chose to work during her gap year and support herself, she is able to get a low income insurance plan through NY state. However, if a student chose not to work and support herself, the health insurance would be a big issue (expense) once she ages off the family policy.

To add insult to injury, we were told in March by our employer that once she resumed full time student status (in September) she could go back on the family policy. What they didn't tell us was that this is true ONLY IF she attends a school that meets the employer's qualifications. And in our case, because she will be attending acting school, which does not grant a degree, the school does not qualify.

In hindsight, I should have asked the employer (when I was checking this all out in March) was: can she go back on our family policy once she is a full time student again at ANY school? But I didn't know to ask.

Be careful - just one more thing to think through when considering a gap year and/or attendance at acting school.
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  • Sporti2005Sporti2005 384 replies3 threadsRegistered User Member
    this whole gap year thing is way too complicated, i'm beginning to think.

    i'm young, so the health insurance thing doesn't apply to me so much, but the rest of everything is getting so hard and i've only been home for 2 weeks.

    any first-hand advice from anyone who's already done the gap year? things i/we should know, aside from the insurance factor?

    this is harder than i thought it would be...
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  • chrismchrism 581 replies56 threadsRegistered User Member
    sent you email.
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