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Powerhouse Theater Training Program vs. Hangar Lab Company

MTandShakespeareMTandShakespeare 4 replies2 threads New Member
Hello everyone! I have the wonderful problem of being accepted into 2 training programs this summer: Powerhouse and Hangar. Both sound wonderful. Any advice from anyone who's done either of these programs? Or knows someone who had an experience there? Anyone know which would be better connections?
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Replies to: Powerhouse Theater Training Program vs. Hangar Lab Company

  • toowonderfultoowonderful 4077 replies68 threads Senior Member
    D had a friend do Hangar 2 years ago and really loved it
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  • AlexaMTAlexaMT 621 replies27 threads Member
    edited April 2017
    It's funny to me that your name is @MTandShakespeare because I would say each has a stronger focus. I have very good friends who have done both, and it's probably best for you to speak to someone who has actually DONE each programs, but based on what they've told me (and in the interest of time)...

    Hangar is more MT-focused. My friend was the lead in two children's productions and in the ensemble of a mainstage musical. They made great connections in the MT world- directors who have cast them since, and also great friends from many colleges. However, there were no straight plays, it was all TYA or musicals. Hangar is also a strong company for summer stock work, and to be hired by them in the future would be a great bonus.

    Powerhouse is more Shakespeare and training based. My friend in her time did a devised theatre piece, some Shakespearean scenes, and a cut down version of one of his comedies. The biggest pluses she shared were working with the shows in development at New York Stage and Film. She was there the summer both Bright Star and Hamilton were workshopping and saw early developmental readings/assisted on things. So... there's that.

    Both offer EMC points, which is always great. They are both amazing options, so congrats!!
    edited April 2017
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  • MTandShakespeareMTandShakespeare 4 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you for the input!
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  • vvnstarvvnstar 1731 replies22 threads Senior Member
    @MTandShakespeare: Our D was at Hangar a couple of years ago. Had a terrific experience. Unlike @AlexaMT 's friend, our D actually did get to participate in quite a few straight plays in addition to musicals. She was in 2 musicals - one MainStage and one youth theater show. And the rest were straight plays. They brought in directors from the Drama League who directed a variety of different shows - musicals and experimental theater. The experimental theater was done late night, post MainStage shows in a tent outside the main theater. It was good experience to be learning a number of different roles and participate in different shows in a very short time frame. and also getting to work with a variety of different directors - some of whom have quite impressive resumes.

    Housing was at Ithaca College. Students her year came from Ithaca, CCM, Pace, NYU, UNCSA and OCU. There may have been some other schools represented, but those are what I remember. Largest contingent was from Ithaca. D had a friend who had done the program a couple of years before her who went to Point Park and had spoken highly of it. His program director was also different. It seems that position turns over a lot.

    She made great friends, worked very hard. Not much down time. The director of the program at the time was and still is amazing but is no longer there so not sure how that impacts the program. They do have a good record of casting former Lab members in MainStage shows for summer stock in subsequent years. If cast in MainStage show during Lab summer, you used to be able to earn equity points (but no points for youth theater or experimental shows) Not sure if that is still the case. The Drama League directors have been great contacts and resources as has the former director. And the Lab group has stayed in good touch with one another since the program.

    The program may be different now that someone else is running it. But it was a really solid program.

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