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What Musical Theatre Colleges Should I consider?


Replies to: What Musical Theatre Colleges Should I consider?

  • theatremom10theatremom10 181 replies3 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 184 Junior Member
    @artskids I'd love to see that manual. What a great idea!
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  • artskidsartskids 1525 replies22 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 1,547 Senior Member
    @theatermom If you pm me your email, I will send it to you once we have updated it. It's nothing earth-shattering (and certainly not as comprehensive as CC); it is meant for parents who have never heard of CC and have no idea how to approach this crazy BFA process!
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  • MReaderMReader 69 replies1 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 70 Junior Member
    As you noted, people here are positive and supportive of pursuing your dreams. I'm going to play devils advocate - and amateur psychologist - and ask you to think if this really is your dream?

    It seems to me that you love music, enjoy singing, and are discovering an interest in musical theatre. But it's a far jump from that to committing to a BFA program. @EmsDad gave a fantastic outline of the level of research and audition things involved. If you go through the threads, the books, the online resources with an open mind you'll have a better understanding of what's involved - both in getting in and what it's like in that training.

    Along with some soul-searching I think you need to do some research and look for a non-audition BA program where you can chose to major in music and/or theatre. There you can develop your talents and get better in touch with your next steps. Meanwhile, find ways to do community theatre, voice lessons, dance classes, acting camps to learn and grow as a performer. Good luck!
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  • NewJeffCTNewJeffCT 174 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 179 Junior Member
    as a side note, the OP is from southern California and has Ithaca on his list. While it's an excellent school for MT, the weather in upstate NY will be a complete culture shock to him. I live in Connecticut, which has some tough winters, and spent my freshman year in college back in the Dark Ages (engineering major, not MT) in upstate NY and it was tough for even me - double the snow and much windier than CT.Upstate NY is also the least sunny place in the continental US. Not to discourage him from Ithaca, but if he likes sunny southern California, he might want to look a bit farther South. Even NYC, PA and NJ would be a significant improvement.
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  • cloewatercloewater 48 replies7 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 55 Junior Member
    Thanks for even more responses!

    @EmsDad This is extremely useful and I am so glad that you replied to my post. I will most likely study basic ballet and jazz on youtube and ask my mom if she could possible get me dance lessons. I will also start preparing audition music and monologues, along with looking at the colleges you suggested ^^.

    @MReader I believe you are correct and I will look into BA programs and develop my skills in MT with community theatre and school :), thank you for not sugarcoating reality, I am glad to know how difficult the road to MT is so I can be sure this is my dream. Thanks again :)

    @NewJeffCT I am from Norcal and I female, I just realized I never stated my gender XD but honestly, I gone to New York and I have a love/hate relationship with the weather there. I'm still deciding on whether I should apply to Ithaca and colleges with a more mile weather is appreciated but I am honestly open to all states, all colleges no matter where XD but thank you for thinking about how comfortable I may feel at colleges where weather is harsh.

    @raellis123 Glad to know I'm not the only one a little late to board the MT train. I doubt I can get dance lessons due to money and BFA does seem incredibly difficult for me in my current state, so I believe you are right and I should propably look to BA schools first. I will still apply to one or two BFA but look for top colleges I would love to apply with a BA program. This isn't discouraging at all! Thank you for sharing your daughter's experience, this actually makes me hopeful, knowing that there are people out there who started late but can still pursue their passion.

    Thanks a lot to everyone again! Everyone has been extremely helpful and clear, I'm glad that people here are ready to help other unsure students such as myself. :)
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  • lorkneelorknee 1 replies2 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3 New Member
    @cloewater it is SO GOOD to finally see someone in a similar position to myself on here. Of course, I live on the opposite side of the country, but I'm a junior who discovered musical theatre mid-sophomore year and therefore have limited theatre and dance experience as well. For me, I've joined my schools Color Guard and originated in their new Winter Guard team, which gave me some basics in ballet. I've also developed my own system of coming home about three days a week to practice and learn ballet on YouTube. I've been in chorus all three years, and have taken all the drama classes my school offers (which is unfortunately only two).

    My school didn't have a drama club or produce plays, so I started one on my own. I'm hoping that'll count for something. I've done a small summer program at a public school in my town where I did a parody-musical and am currently planning to go to an acting summer program at Kean University.

    Many people on here say to attend a summer program for acting or musical theatre or dance, but as far as I've found, those programs cost thousands of dollars and only offer partial scholarships. The one I'm going to is only about $300 but it offers a full scholarship, so if you cant afford a huge program, I'm thinking a small-ish program such as this could be very helpful.

    Also - and I've got to pick up the pace on this as well - you're going to need to do intensive research on all the colleges your applying to. If you only plan to apply two one or two audition-based programs, make sure you know each step of the audition process and the requirements. You can probably find some information about the audition process if you search your colleges mt program on here. I'm thinking you can also increase your admission chances by emailing the musical theatre admissions counselor at a specific college and asking meaningful questions; the kind of stuff you cant exactly find on their website. And if you can connect with this admissions counselor that's even better. Don't make the emails too formal, let them get to know your sense of humor.

    There's a lot that goes in to prepping for an audition. What I'm finding hard for me right now is getting pieces that I can relate to from the Golden Age and that are for a mezzo/belter. I have almost no classical training, so these old songs are a bit of a challenge for me. Hopefully you have more of a classical voice, but if not, I would suggest Shenandoah Conservatory. I'm at least applying to there because they specialize in pop/rock styles, which I can totally get on board with.

    Another thing I've found extremely helpful is the #BwayBootCamp from Broadway spotted on Youtube. It's these videos of actual classes from their program. What I'm doing is taking the vocal and acting tips and applying them to myself, and also teaching myself the dance combinations as they are supposed to be similar to what would be taught in an audition room. (Note: you don't need to know tap. Most schools have an optional tap dance audition and you will learn more in college).

    I think I've already said entirely too much - possibly irrelevant - stuff already, so some final words: if you want to do it, DO IT. I sort of have to believe this, but I think if you work hard enough and train and it shows during an audition or you get the chance to bring it up in an interview, you can get in wherever. Show them what you've managed to accomplish on your own, with limited resources, and maybe they'll realize what you could be with the proper training.
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  • NewJeffCTNewJeffCT 174 replies5 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 179 Junior Member
    @lorknee good luck with your passion for theater. My D is only a freshman and is a mezzo and has struggled to find a lot of "Golden Age" songs and musicals that she likes and can relate to as well. The songs she worked on at school were all from contemporary musicals like Dogfight, In the Heights, Smash, Chaplin and a few others. (Her private voice teacher has been training her on some classical music this past year, though, which should help her in the long run - classical like Italian stuff, not classical musical theater...)

    However, on golden age musicals, a pretty good local summer theater company here in Connecticut is doing "42nd Street" this summer and she had no interest in even trying to audition. But, another local program is doing "Loserville", a modern rock musical, and she's going to audition for that, even though she would miss the first week of rehearsals because her choir is going to Disney. So, by missing that first week of rehearsals, she will be lucky to make the ensemble.
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