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Moonifieds prescreens

elledaspitzerelledaspitzer 29 replies17 threads Junior Member
Do moonifieds (run by college audition coach) have prescreens? Do you do prescreens before going to moonifieds? Or do moonifieds count as prescreens and then you have another auditon on campus or at a regional location like unifieds? Thank you!
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Replies to: Moonifieds prescreens

  • MTdreaminMTdreamin 78 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I don't think Moonifieds schools require prescreens before Moonifieds, but to to go to Moonifieds you have to be one of Mary Anna Dennard's (College Audition Coach) private students or be invited. There are over 20 college programs participating this year. Some of the colleges use Moonifieds as a prescreen, and some of them use Moonifieds as a final audition. You can contact College Audition Coach for more info. The families I know who went to Moonifieds really liked it: the only caveat I have heard is that a student who started the process a little later may not be prepared to audition at Moonifieds, which is in November.
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  • vvnstarvvnstar 1715 replies22 threads Senior Member
    To address @MTdreamin 's point about being prepared in November: Moonifieds is a great way to start your audition process and get some early feedback and hopefully an acceptance or two. If you are at all concerned that you are not ready for a certain school - you do not have to audition for them at Moonifieds just because they are there. At Moonifieds, you choose for which schools you want to audition. You could always audition for some of your "fit" schools at Moonifieds to see how your material is being received and see how you feel during auditions. You could save your "reach" schools for later in the year if you wish. Some people choose to do this because they want to do on campus auditions at certain schools. This of course means another trip and eliminates some of the cost and time savings Moonifieds provides. But just didn't' want you to think Moonifieds has to be an all or nothing proposition if you have the ability to do some auditions later in the process if you so choose. Auditions at Moonifieds are individual with each school separately. So they won't know what you did in other audition rooms if you choose to wait and audition for them at another location later in the process.
    The converse of this is, during our Ds year, there were a few kids who received acceptances to their top choice school at Moonifieds. They were able to stop auditioning altogether and enjoy the rest of their senior year. Which also saved time and money.
    So lots of ways to approach Moonifieds. It is a great thing no matter how you do it.
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