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Dream,Fit and Safety Schools for Musical Theatre

MuTh2024MuTh2024 32 replies4 threads Junior Member
Hi im about to start my junior year of high school and I just want some advice on schools that I should be considering for musical theatre. Even though I don’t have that much experience in musical theatre I attended NYU’s Tisch Summer High School Program. I was in New Studio on Broadway Music Theatre. I also got accepted to do a musical theatre program after school for my junior and senior year I’ll have private voice lessons, acting classes and dance classes for the next two years and I have to be in shows so that’ll build my resume up which I’m really happy about. I just want to start my college search/list. I have UMich, CCM, CMU, NYU, Pace and a few others. But I want to have more fit/safety schools on my list. So that’s why I came here to see if anyone could lead me in the right direction. I always try to find some on my own which I have but it’s not the same as looking for big name schools because they have more info and videos about there programs. I’m looking for BFA programs. Please anyone respond even if you don’t know about schools that much but know about the industry and could give me advice or if your a high school student in the same boat as me.☺️
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Replies to: Dream,Fit and Safety Schools for Musical Theatre

  • afterp89afterp89 378 replies2 threads Member
    @MuTh2024 if you're in NYC you've got a ton right there in the area. Besides the ones you mentioned, Molloy/CAP21, Marymount Manhattan, Manhattan School of Music, Wagner College (BA Theatre but a lot of MT), Manhattanville College, LIU-Post all offer MT BFA. Some you may not have considered of that have great/growing reputations are Texas State, Shenandoah University and Elon University. There are scores of options out there - look at the list of schools at the top of the Musical Theatre forum and you can get an idea.
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  • MThopeful99MThopeful99 100 replies6 threads Junior Member
    kudos to you for doing your research and creating a well balanced list. I agree with Molloy/Cap21 and Wagner. I also recommend Western Connecticut University and University of the Arts. They are not "safety" schools by any means, but are less selective than CMU, Michigan etc and offer great training. If you want to be in New York, look into Marymount Manhattan. best of luck!
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  • CaMom13CaMom13 1886 replies13 threads Senior Member
    edited August 2018
    Hey @MuTh2024 - Just read @KatMT's response about 20 times until it becomes embedded in your brain! It is important to switch your thinking around for MT applications because the standard high school counseling advice on reach/fit/likely doesn't work with auditioned programs.

    We did a multitiered application approach and only thing I think we did well was make sure my D was really committed to every school we applied to so even after multiple rejections she had good options.

    1st Tier - BFA, well-known and competitive programs <- we were top heavy
    2nd Tier - BFA, lesser known programs <- only came up with a few of these due to D's other requirements for a school and her inability to travel for auditions.
    3rd Tier - non-audition BA programs where performance training was possible/ and departments were strong.

    Our 3rd Tier was BA Theatre applications to Rutgers, Temple and American. My D had really good grades and scores so those schools were academic likelies. They also met all her other criteria. Your own school list will be different - think a bit about college environment, location, size, academic aspect (if any). You want to be happy with your school and not just with your program. If you *don't* want any academic aspect to your training then you might consider adding AMDA - it's a big program with serious training but they aren't accredited.
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