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Replies to: Message About Social Media From a Casting Director

  • TheaterHiringCoTheaterHiringCo 159 replies5 threads Junior Member
    It goes without saying, but I have decided not to cast multiple actors due to social media posts. Two reasons mostly: 1) Anti-LGBT+ rhetoric and 2) Excessive complainers.

    Clearly I would decline if anything else offensive were posted (racial, etc.), but I haven't encountered that. I always check social media, though, before offering a contract. Your best bet is to make everything private.
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  • soozievtsoozievt 31412 replies372 threads! Senior Member
    Making your social media accounts private is a good suggestion for college applicants!

    However, for professional artists with a following, it is pretty essential today to have a professional presence on social media. Still, the artist should be careful as to what they post. But again, my working D does post thoughts on issues she cares about, but she also creates pieces and performs them that also speak to what matters to her in the world. She is not unique in this way. I see some of her posts about issues being retweeted and liked, etc. by other professional artists, including very well known ones. If someone doesn't want to hire her due to her views on political or social issues, I imagine she'd be fine with that.
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  • janne006janne006 143 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @zebracocoa Thank you for sharing this article. My daughter and her friends know to keep their social media clean, but they forget and get careless. They are in the early stages of their professional careers and need to work, work, work. It would be a shame for someone to lose out on a job due to an inappropriate or unfortunate post.
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  • entertainersmomentertainersmom 1399 replies23 threads Senior Member
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    My son did a voice over for a commercial for a well known company, and that is all he would tell us. He does many auditions for voice overs, cartoons and video games, and he doesn't tell us more than what I just shared. I tease him that it's like he is a secret agent :) My son explained that his agent made it very clear that companies are very careful to keep their products separate from the actors who promote them, unless they are celebrities of course.
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