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Greenroom Facebook groups for auditioning students

elledaspitzerelledaspitzer 28 replies17 threads Junior Member
Hello all! I have seen some posts on here on specific school's threads that reference that they have a Greenroom facebook group for those auditioning? How do you find these groups and how do you know which schools have them? Also, what chat goes on in these groups? Thank you!
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Replies to: Greenroom Facebook groups for auditioning students

  • stagedoormamastagedoormama 820 replies9 threads Member
    For "school specific" FB groups, you may want to ask a current student, or if you don't know any, send a note to the Dept. and ask if they know of a FB group for auditioning students. They chat about the school, the audition process, what pieces they are doing, etc.
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  • MTmom2017MTmom2017 525 replies2 threads Member
    @elledaspitzer, every year there is a FB group for auditioning students, and each year it has a different name. Last year's was The Green Room. It is a secret group, only for students. Both of my D's were in their specific years' groups (I can't remember what it was called when my older D did it), and they said that there are discussions about prescreens, schools, auditions, basically anything audition related. I think there are school reps too - my older D was one for her school the year after she auditioned & was available to answer questions. Once you start hearing about acceptances, then students make groups for the specific schools. Also, I know during Chicago Unifieds last year the kids all got together one night in one of the ballrooms so they could meet! I don't have any more details than that and don't know the name of the group for this year. My younger D really doesn't "do" FB so she's not in the group anymore.
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  • CanaDadCanaDad 113 replies4 threads Junior Member
    The Green Room this year is called "Courtney's Break Room". It is a discussion forum among the kids auditioning for many different schools, my kid has found it helpful, plus a good way to connect with students presently in some of those programs.
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