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Opinions on AMDA?

skylarmtskylarmt 26 replies19 threads Junior Member
What do you guys think about AMDA? I went to their open house today and was not very impressed as to how it was organized (it was going to go from 9am-3pm which is insanely long to me). The whole “its-mandatory-to-move-to-LA-to-get-your-BFA” kind of threw me off. I just don’t know if a conservatory is right for me because I want the full college experience.
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Replies to: Opinions on AMDA?

  • loribelleloribelle 388 replies9 threads Member
    You can search AMDA in this forum and get lots of input and opinions. If you want to have a university experience with some academic classes and an opportunity to have your degree recognized to attend graduate school in the future, AMDA is probably not the right fit for you, considering you can get that for the same price or less than their cost of attendance.
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  • afterp89afterp89 378 replies2 threads Member
    @skylarmt my D did a summer program for MT at AMDA NY and while she loved the faculty and student teachers, the dorms are outdated and very cramped and the food was not good at all. There are a few other options besides going to LA for the BFA (transfer to The New School or St. John's I believe), but it definitely won't give the "full college experience" because of the lack of other academic majors. Given other options, my D decided it wasn't the right fit for her, but some may really prefer the conservatory aspect and being in the city.
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  • CaMom13CaMom13 1968 replies13 threads Senior Member
    I know several students who went to AMDA. I caught up with the parent of one freshman male, who is the most talented MT singer I have seen perform, and the student is very happy. He's getting training and he's getting an education in "the business" - auditions, agents, marketing. If that's what you want AMDA is an option. I think it gets a bad "rep" because they admit a lot of people of varying talent ... but they also have a lot of successful alums, so obviously the program works for many.
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