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School recommendations

elledaspitzerelledaspitzer 28 replies17 threads Junior Member
Hello everyone! I am a current HS junior and have been researching MT schools for a while now. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for what I am looking for. Thanks!

I would preferably want in a program is that it is a conservatory style (lots of rigorous classes with busy days) on a university campus, the option to minor in arts administration, a small class size of less than 20ish, in a big city or close to a big city, preferably in the Northeast (close to NYC), a true triple threat program with time spent equally (or as equally as possible) in all three disciples, music theory classes, lots of dance classes throughout the week, practice rooms and private voice, guests artists, senior showcase of some sort, and preferably musical theatre, not acting. (or if it is acting, being able to add voice and dance classes)

I would prefer a BFA or maybe a BM, but I will be for sure applying to BA programs as backups. I also plan to pursue arts management if I don't get accepted anywhere, and really want to minor in that. I don't agree with the mentality to not have a backup plan if the backup plan is something you are passionate about. Some added bonus things would be to have a satellite program in NYC, study abroad option, and a business of the business class to learn about how to portray yourself.

Thank you so so so much! I love to research schools and would love to look into even more!
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Replies to: School recommendations

  • CanaDadCanaDad 113 replies4 threads Junior Member
    You would probably get more helpful information from the MT kids on the facebook group "Courtney's Break Room", I'm sure you will get lots of great advice from students who are either in or applying to those types of programs. I have read some of your other posts and threads on here, it is great that you are so proactive about planning ahead for your future. Best of luck.
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  • CaMom13CaMom13 1900 replies13 threads Senior Member
    @elledaspitzer - I would start with the criteria of "University setting with conservatory program, close enough to big eastern city/NYC, arts admin double major or minor possible" and then look over the training program for each to see if it meets your personal desire for balancing the disciplines + study abroad + showcase opportunities. Programs do vary ad no one else will be looking for exactly what you want so some personal research and analysis of the programs within each University is going to be required.

    Some schools to start with:
    U Conn
    Boston University
    Wagner College
    Temple University

    As you start making your list one or two schools may pop out at you as 'fits". Take those and use online searches to find "schools like X". It's important to really open up your mind to some variations in what you want before you narrow down to a final list. TBH, My D wanted something similar: University setting in the East in a big city close to NYC where she could double-major and she had to flex quite a bit in her requirements just to make a school list large enough that she could "narrow down" to a dozen schools.
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