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Thoughts on Coaching, hope it helps future familes! :)

beachymombeachymom 238 replies44 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I know that people get a little bent out of shape regarding coaching, so here is a re-framed way of looking at it. Hope it helps future parents as they decide how to allocate their MT budget! (fyi - I did originally post this as a response, but thought starting a new thread might be better. Break legs, all!)

The vast majority of MT parents have some sort of budget for MT-related activities, training and preparation. How to allocate that budget is a very personal decision that each family must determine for themselves.
Potential items that might be included in the budget are: dance lessons, dance team, voice lessons, choir expenses, acting lessons, performing arts camps, summer or weekend intensives, masterclasses, specialized apparel, travel expenses (even gas to and from), audition expenses, professional headshots/reels/prescreens, accompianists, acro lessons, instrument training, coaching, etc.
For those with low means, some of these potential expenses can be mitigated or even scholarshipped, including things such as camps or coaching.
Some families can afford to "pull out all of the stops" and do most (all) of the above. I'd say those situations are the minority, though. The vast majority of families will have to prioritize and choose which of those aforementioned activities, training opportunities and preparation pieces make the most sense for their child.
In our experience, coaching was a priority, and via our coaches, my student received assistance with: practical prep ("expect this when you walk in the room" and "be yourself" advice), monologue selection and script analysis, song selection and creation of 16 and 32 bar cuts, as well as - the chance to complete a series of early auditions and a network of other like-minded kids.
What did my kid have to forego? Taking more than 10 voice lessons, taking acting lessons, taking more than 5 private dance lessons, intensives, and professionally-shot prescreens.
Coaching is just another option available to MT kids, right alongside lessons in the triple threat disciplines. It's really a matter of allocation, rather than just affordability.
If you do not want /need a coach,but you still want to do some early auditions, check fall dates! Many schools offer them, including ones on-campus.
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Replies to: Thoughts on Coaching, hope it helps future familes! :)

  • DramaRamaDramaRama 107 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Very wise and timely.
    I remember that during the Texas State Auditions, Kailin Hopkins would say that her dad thought that being an MT parent felt like throwing money at a bottomless pit....

    @beachymom 's post is very accurate and this allocation is unique to your child and your family and what the needs are.
    Coaching helped MY family, as we were a little clueless and perhaps a little overwhelmed at all the opinions that everyone was throwing at us. It had become unbearable how everyone "knew better" and their opinions conflicted.
    (One of the Catholic High schools in our neighborhood offer great coaching as part of their Drama 4 class, so for them, coaching would be an unnecessary expense).

    So.. look at your resources, your level of stress, the money you have to allocate and... your child's schedule - try not to overdo it...
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