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Hopeful Musical Theatre Major - Please help !

DramaLove2020DramaLove2020 110 replies5 threads Junior Member
Hi, I am a junior finishing up the year and hoping to start this process for next year. I am just so nervous I won't get into a BFA MT program and am looking for some good advice on schools that might be a good fit for me. I did participate in Penn States summer program last summer and loved it there but I know it is competitive - as is everything it seems. I definitely have the most interest in the BFA in MT but I also have had a lot of choreography experience regionally and in my school so having a strong dance program is important to me. I have done school, community and regional theatre since I was 5 and just had my first professional experience this year. I have danced for over 10 years, done gymnastics and this year choreographed both the middle school shows as well as the high school shows. I am on leadership at my school theatre department, won a Cappie for costuming and have been nominated for many awards regarding theatre. I am a strong dancer, told I am a great actor (?) and have to work really hard at my signing. I have a voice and acting coach for four years. I seem to always be cast in good parts (some leads, some ensemble) in both my school shows and regional theatre. I am going to be a dance captain for a regional production this summer. I take hard classes - will have taken 7 AP classes and 3 dual enrollments by the time I graduate. I have a 4.5 GPA and scored a 1280 on my SAT ( I hate tests!) . I am hoping someone will accept me into a MT program and am going to go to Unifieds this upcoming year. I am looking for any recommendations of schools - both large and small - I am open to anything / anywhere that I can sing and dance!!! If anyone has good advice on schools for me , PLEASE SHARE!!! Thank you in advance!
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  • MTdreamzMTdreamz 250 replies0 threads Junior Member
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    @DramaLove2020 First take a deep breath!! If you stay that stressed for the next year you will have a nervous breakdown! <3 Now as far as your grades and tests - you will get into any MT program scholastically so no more worrying about that. You don't need any AP classes but the high GPA will get you scholarships! You already have enough dance skills so you can not worry about that either! If I were you I would focus on your voice because my dancer d's experience is that is sooo important for the top MT programs. Now I am NOT saying if you don't have the best voice you won't get into a program (because they need a variety of strengths) but the better your voice the more options you will probably have. Keep taking voice lessons and make sure you get some classic training (which my d didn't like and made the mistake of avoiding) Get help picking songs that show off the best features of your voice!

    We did try to focus on schools that gave her the ability to take higher level dance classes. Number one on her list was Point Park. Others we found were Monclair, Otterbein, Wright State, Roosevelt CCPA MTD, Millikin, Western Michigan, Pace, FSU, Indiana, Elon, Penn State and BoCo. She ended up at Ball State and was able to test into ballet classes with the Dance majors instead of with her MT classmates. She was added jazz and contemporary last semester - but she had 21 credit hours because of it LOL. She didn't have the test scores for UM but you should! My d didn't want to go out west but if that isn't a problem for you look at Oklahoma City and Texas State and Viterbo dance options. I have heard that Manhattan school of Music is focusing more on dance (this was a very new program when we looked so didn't pursue more) Also Ohio University is new and probably a less expensive option so check them out. My d applied to mostly schools in the midwest so I'm sure there are others in the NY area I don't have info about - there are a ton of school so make sure you apply to a couple less competitive programs, and at least one school you would be happy in their BA or a non-audition BFA option.

    Here is a list by state to help find less competitive and non audition schools - but please note the list is outdated and things may have changed and newer schools are not on the list. https://www.broadwayartistsalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Colleges-and-Performing-Arts-Programs-Packet-2015.pdf Let me know if you have any questions!
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  • mom4bwayboymom4bwayboy 1667 replies28 threads Senior Member
    @DramaLove2020 - you don't mention whether you're male or female (or other?). If you are male (or would be "typed" as male for casting purposes) your dance skills would be a big advantage - though certainly not a guarantee - for getting into many programs. My S had advanced dance skills and graduated 2018 BFA MT from Wright State. They have leveled dance classes and my S (among others) was able to take classes with Dance majors. While WSU trains "triple threats", creating MTs with strong acting skills is an outstanding strength of the program (the "MT" program/degree is actually "Acting with MT Emphasis"). They have been known to accept MTs with zero prior voice training (one such grad is currently touring with Spamilton). Your grades/test scores would get you easily admitted to the university and may qualify for merit scholarships. WIth your dance/gymnastics background, you might also consider programs that have "Physical Theater" as a major or emphasis/minor.
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  • DramaLove2020DramaLove2020 110 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Thank you for this info. I am female - sigh, I know , huge disadvantage!
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  • BOS-rulesBOS-rules 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Have you looked at Wesleyan in CT? They di not have a MT major.....BUT......theater is a huge component of the school. Just ask graduates like Lin Manuel-Miranda.
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  • KkrazieKkrazie 127 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hi... if Dance is your strong point look at Oklahoma City University
    For sure. Also Malloy Cap 21
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