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Musical Theatre Writing as Arts Supplement

GallifreyCJGallifreyCJ 1 replies4 postsRegistered User New Member
I am a student looking to apply to colleges next year, and I keep seeing options for arts supplements. As a hobby, I write musical theatre songs (as well as short plays). I was wondering if this would be a wise choice to submit one as an Arts Supplement, considering they're probably pretty rare, and if I should send the songs under a theatre or a music supplement. (FYI, I'm looking to double major in a STEM field and theatre, with a possible minor in music. I have Ivy League-level scores, and I hope to apply to elite schools of that caliber).
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Replies to: Musical Theatre Writing as Arts Supplement

  • CaMom13CaMom13 1807 replies12 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    @GallifreyCJ - you have to ask yourself who at each school will be evaluating the arts supplement. If you are applying as a STEM major it's not likely an Arts faculty member will be asked to look at your application so you might want something more accessible, like a performance piece. If you're applying as a Theatre or playwriting major it's more likely you'll benefit from including original songs. I think the value of adding original work to your app will really depend upon the individual school and major. Few Ivy-League or equivalent schools have serious MT programs - Northwestern might be the only one I can think of - but many elite schools produce musicals and like multidimensional students. I would tailor the supplement to each school.
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  • soozievtsoozievt 31385 replies371 postsRegistered User, ! Senior Member
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    I respectfully disagree with @CaMom13. An Arts Supplement is an opportunity to showcase a talent, often when a student isn't even going to major in that area. I'm a college counselor and many of my clients submit Arts Supplements to show a talent they have, and many times they are not even intending to major in that field, though sometimes it is a possible major or minor but there is no audition for it. For example, I have had students in the past and currently prepare Arts Supplements with samples such as voice, instrumental music, theater, creative writing, fine arts, photography, dance, and film. I also have students applying to highly selective colleges. I agree with @CaMom13 that elite schools want multidimensional students.

    In my view, if you have a talent as a MT songwriter or playwright, yes, submit an Arts Supplement with samples. You should check with each college on your list if they will accept Arts Supplements (many, but not all do). Then, also ask if Arts Supplements should be sent to admissions or to a specific department, and if the latter, in your case, ask which department to send it to. Highly selective colleges want students with various talents to contribute to campus life.
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