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All or Nothing Schools? Academic Acceptance, MT Department rejection.

Grit2112Grit2112 0 replies1 postsRegistered User New Member
Hello all,
We all know that MT acceptance percentages at the more popular programs (and even the non-popular programs) are very low - and as much as we love our talented children, we also know that they will undoubtedly face rejection from some or most of these schools.
My question is - are most schools an 'all-or-nothing' acceptance based on MT program acceptance? Meaning - if you get a 'no' from the MT program, you cannot attend the school at all?
If my child falls in love with one of these schools, and is willing to try to take their chances attending for a year with the hope of cracking the department once there, or pursuing another degree while still actively involved in MT - will they have that opportunity if not accepted as an MT major?
Some of the Colleges my child is looking at attending are very much in their academic profile as far a grades, scores, extras go - but might be a lightning strike/dart throw on the MT side of things.
Of course the goal is MT - and we've spread out the options wide, not just the big popular programs - we are just prepping everything ahead of next spring's decision process.
I have no doubt my child will pursue MT at any school where they are accepted first - it is their passion, and their chosen goal, but as a parent, I want to ensure that all options are on the table.
Obviously, I don't expect a full list of schools and their acceptance policies - but if anyone has any insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 28791 replies56 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    When we went through the process, it varied. Sometimes you have to get accepted to the school separately from the MT department. So you have a problem if the dept wants you— you mail the audition but you don’t get accepted by the university for academic reasons. Iften, they just it out internally, so that you don’t know. You just get rejected as an applicant on the whole. NYU does it that way.

    Or, you can get an official acceptance from the university and have to await audition results. Back in the day, that happened with Michigan and my son. I guess you had to clear the admissions office before MT could make the decision. I had him then apply to Theater School of Liberal Arts and Schiil of Music voice as well as MT. He got into all programs except MT which was what he wanted.

    He was also accepted as an English Major at CMU. But not to the School of Arts for MT, which was again what he wanted.

    Emerson accepted him but not for MT. Penn State the same.

    So, no, it was not an all or nothing thing with all of the colleges

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  • CaMom13CaMom13 1830 replies12 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Most MT schools my D applied to offered academic acceptance regardless of artistic results. I think the only "all or nothing" BFA school on her list was BU.

    In general most students choose the BFA acceptance at a lower-prioritized school over a top choice school offering a "redirect" but there are definitely exceptions. Some students are are torn between a BA and BFA to begin with. Last year one CC member's child was so in love with a school she chose to audition for the BA program after having a redirect from her BFA prescreen.. And ended up getting a BFA acceptance! So lots of different "paths". Just be very aware of what options are available to BA vs BFA students at each school. if she falls in love with the dance program but advanced classes are reserved for the BFA majors, she won't be getting what she wants out of the school.
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  • PrincessFiFiPrincessFiFi 34 replies1 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    When I went through the process (about five years ago now), I was academically accepted to plenty of schools that I was not accepted for MT/was waitlisted. Point Park, Ball State, and Emerson come to mind off the top of my head, although I'm sure there was more. Santa Fe (which does not exist anymore) and BoCo were two I remember were "all or nothing," because they are just conservatories, but all the schools I applied to that are liberal arts or have other majors besides MT accepted me to their school academically.
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  • mom4bwayboymom4bwayboy 1666 replies26 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    If the plan is to attend an academic admit school with a redirect to non-MT BFA major in hopes of re-auditioning for MT the next year, be sure the school allows that. Some programs do not allow re-auditioning for MT major change.
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  • StarWarsDadStarWarsDad 15 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    I think it really depends on each school. Some schools may allow you to re-audtion the following year, but since MT BFAs are on a very stringent track you would have to restart your fresmen year in order to get all 4 years of the track.
    Another thing to question is if non MT/Theatre majors can audition for school shows. For some schools only the MT/Theatre students can perform in the shows.
    It realy comes down to each school and asking those schools what the chances are for all your options.
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