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Pre-screen question

WDWMomWDWMom 18 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Does anyone know what the average is for how long it takes to hear from a school once your pre-screen is submitted?

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Replies to: Pre-screen question

  • StarWarsDadStarWarsDad 26 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Unfortunately each school has their own specific speed. Some send their decisions rather quickly and some send them all at once, which could mean a month long wait.
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  • mamaboyzmamaboyz 77 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Once you send in your prescreens on Getaccept on the "receipt" it will state when they will send results "in 2-3 weeks".
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  • Melanie97Melanie97 19 replies2 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    We submitted to Cincinnati in late August and haven't heard anything yet - this is going to get old so fast!
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  • StarWarsDadStarWarsDad 26 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I believe this is the first year CCM is doing prescreens, so not sure what their policy is, but some schools do have that long of a wait. It's agonizing, but unfortunately all part of this "fun" process. Sorry
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  • intheburbsintheburbs 4 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Here's the range I have on my spreadsheet:

    -within 5 business days
    -within 2 weeks
    -between early Nov/Dec
    -we won't start looking until mid-Oct
    -several don't state.

    fun fall for us!
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  • DramaLove2020DramaLove2020 56 replies4 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Only one of my schools is using Option B - one of my songs was done in 1966 and they are asking for two contemporary songs - how strict do you think they are on this? Some say post 1965 and some say post 1970 and some say golden age.... sigh
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  • CBSQandACBSQandA 4 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Which one is using Option B?
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  • Notmath1Notmath1 561 replies36 threadsRegistered User Member
    Pre-screen question here. Do you think it is best to prepare the same material for the call-back? Are the schools wanting applicants to perform the same audition material for the final audition as the prescreen. Can anyone give some guidance on that? Finding that info on the websites is not easy. Thanks in advance.
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  • lojosmolojosmo 700 replies10 threadsRegistered User Member
    As with everything in this process, it depends on the school. Some schools want the same material as the prescreen. Maybe call the school if you can't find it easily.
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  • ElizaDoolittleElizaDoolittle 8 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    There are some schools that require you to sing the same songs in the live audition that you used for the prescreen, but unless they specify this, you can use whatever you choose.
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  • WDWMomWDWMom 18 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Everything I have heard (from coaches) says feel free to do the same, but don't feel obligated to do the same. The thought is that the schools that you passed pre-screens on must've liked you doing that material, so they will probably like you when they see it on you again.
    However, if things change over time...you find a new really great monologue that you like better than the one you have...you overlooked a song that actually sits amazingly well in your voice for you...and you think these are stronger pieces than the ones you have, then feel free to switch.

    However, keep in mind that as things get old and stale to you, they are NOT so for the people at the colleges you are auditioning for. My D already had her first final audition, and after picking all of her material, we realize we didn't correlate her material super-well thematically (her contemp. ballad and her contemp. monologue are essentially over the same subject). So, we are finding that limits her choices depending on what the schools are asking for. At her first audition, the school wanted ONE contemp. cut, and ONE monologue. The song and monologue over the same topic are her strongest contemp. pieces, but doing them together makes her sound a little obsessed with that topic.
    So, she opted not to decide which pieces she would be performing until the morning of the audition. She woke up early and started singing to see which vocal piece was sitting in her voice better that morning. It was the one she usually thinks is best. That meant she had to do her second-choice monologue. She was super-worried because she doesn't think the piece is as strong. BUT, the person auditioning her LOVED it, and said this was an amazing piece for her. So, you never can tell. This was a school that does not have pre-screens, so this is all they will see of her until they decide in March. Kind of scary, but that is the way it is...it is definitely going to be a LONG year!
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  • WDWMomWDWMom 18 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    @DramaLove2020 I REALLY don't think schools are going to give you ANY grief over a year. They are SOO busy hearing kids that I think they are not going to take the time to look up when a musical was written. Some of these auditioners may be like encyclopedias and will instinctively "know" the year these musicals came out (especially if they are the teachers of theatre history for their university), but in the big picture, will they really care? Probably not. When auditioners ask for these guidelines, they are asking because they want to hear how well you do a "style" of song. The 1965 guideline is put into place because they want to know how well you do R&H, L&L, etc. This is important because the styles are just so different when compared to contemporary composers. The way you are expected to sing these songs, and the vocal skill required to sing them well is entirely different (much more akin to classical voice) than songs composed today. This did not suddenly change between 1965 and 1966, so I doubt the auditioners will care as long as the song fits the style and showcases your ability to sing this style of MT song.
    I really do not have any idea what year my daughter's "classic MT song" was written. It is a well-known and beloved R&H song that she sings well and likes, so we just went with it.
    Good luck, and try not to stress...just show them what you do well, and they will not be so picky about year.
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