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Using Multiple Coaches....

MTDreamer01MTDreamer01 0 replies2 threads New Member
Just wondering... has anyone ever used 2 large scale college audition coaching services before? Is this considered immoral, or is it frowned upon?
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  • EmsDadEmsDad 1510 replies14 threads Senior Member
    edited November 12
    There is nothing amoral or unethical about this. To quote a line from "Curtains" - it's a business. While selecting and interacting with a coach can be a very personal experience, fundamentally, you are simply contracting with a business to perform a service or set of services for you. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with using more than one.

    Here is a thread from earlier this year on this same topic:

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  • actorparent1actorparent1 773 replies6 threads Member
    I think the only concern is that they might give you conflicting advice. Coaching is a lot like directing. There are multiple ways to do the same monologue, so you may have two different coaches giving you two different suggestions for how to do it, and it could end up being confusing. JMO.

    Out of curiosity, why do you want to use multiple coaches?
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  • MTdreaminMTdreamin 78 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Sometimes students find a great song coach at one company, but can't find a monologue coach they click with within that company, so use a second company for the monologue coaching.
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  • PohsmomPohsmom 329 replies45 threads Member
    As a coach the only input I would give is that you should let the coaches know there are other people involved. Although I work on monologue selection and prep, my sweet spot is technical voice. Some of my college coaching students use me for both songs and monologues, other's don't. Some of the ones that have "acting" coaches have them work on the performance aspect of their pieces even though I helped with selection. All of that is fine with me as long as I know it in advance so I don't send conflicting messages to the student. After all, it is all about what is best for them : ) I have only had a problem when after we finish spending a lot of time "coaching" the song's performance the student says their acting teacher made different suggestions. Again, I don't take personal offense it is just confusing for the singer.
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