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26 y/o with B.A. in Communication, changing career paths to pursue MT

hhdotimashhdotimas 0 replies1 threads New Member
I'm a 26 y/o college graduate with a B.A. in communication looking to switch career paths and pursue musical theatre.

I don't have an extensive background in MT, but I do have dance experience as a scholarship recipient at a reputable studio (Cultureshock) in San Diego in 2012 and two community college performances where I played principal/lead roles in 2019. I'm currently attending dance classes and workshops at the San Diego Musical Theatre.

I'm considering formal MT education at university or conservatory as an option, and I was wondering if I have a shot at getting accepted into any of the big 10 MT universities? Are there any first year MT students who are returning undergraduates or other non-traditional undergrad students? Would I even be eligible for scholarships?

I'm wondering if a formal education is a good idea at this point... Or if I should just throw myself into NYC and take private studio classes as I audition... Not really sure where to find resources for my situation either as it seems terribly unique for MT--I am getting into the game quite late, haha.

I am positive that this is truly what I want to do. I'm just not sure how to get there at this stage in life.
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Replies to: 26 y/o with B.A. in Communication, changing career paths to pursue MT

  • actorparent1actorparent1 856 replies6 threads Member
    If you already have a B.A., there's no point going BACK to college for a BFA. IMO, it makes more sense to take acting classes, singing lessons and dance classes. It would be much cheaper than a BFA.
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  • um2ku04um2ku04 4 replies0 threads New Member
    Or consider pursuing an MFA
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  • CBSQandACBSQandA 74 replies4 threads Junior Member
    You could also consider one of the two/three year certificate programs in NYC such as Circle in The Square or Stella Adler Studio (maybe Atlantic Acting School, Lee Strasberg Institute, AMDA (?). I know Circle does MT, not as sure about the rest of the two year conservatories. You could also do some intensives while auditioning. Getting a BFA is likely unnecessary.
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  • Compgrad1Compgrad1 8 replies0 threads New Member
    I agree with some of the others. If you already have a BA there is no benefit from getting a BFA only from getting good training. It would be a better move financially to use your money for great training either privately or one of the above-mentioned certification courses. NYFA also has a great one or two year MT certificate worth looking into.
    Good luck!
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  • KnowsstuffKnowsstuff 7914 replies39 threads Senior Member
    ^^^this. Also audition on the side. New York can be a reality check. Might even want to try a smaller market and work your way up. Test the waters per se. It's all about talent and if you have what they want that day. Get ready for a multitude of rejections. Gotta have the voice even over dance. Get a vocal coach and see where you realistically are. Lots of your competition have been training their voices since high school so they have 8 years on you. But if it's a dream and you can somehow afford it. Go for it!
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