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Prescreen Results - Class of 2025

Xena11Xena11 1 replies2 threads New Member
Curious to see when various schools start reviewing and releasing prescreen results - no need to say whether your son/daughter passed or not (unless you'd like to), but please note the school, when the results were released, and when the prescreen was submitted. Thanks!
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Replies to: Prescreen Results - Class of 2025

  • mttnmommttnmom 7 replies0 threads New Member
    I would love to know this as well. As I've looked back to other years/classes- have seen some school respond within days, others take months!! We've submitted all of our applications and 10-12 prescreens. We've only heard back form CMU. Submitted 9/3, heard back 9/10.
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  • RshushRshush 20 replies7 threads Junior Member
    That's great to know, I'm submitting my CMU prescreen soon. Acting, not MT.
    I believe some of the colleges I'm applying to, such as CalArts, don't start reviewing prescreens until after the application deadline but I could be wrong. Need to double check that.
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  • onetteonette 368 replies6 threads Member
    Please keep in mind for many schools, if you wait until the date prescreens are due, there may not be any audition slots left. Nobody knows how virtual auditions will affect the volume of auditions, but I would definitely submit prescreens early, if possible.
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  • speezagmomspeezagmom 463 replies2 threads Member
    Anecdotal observation - for schools that review pre-screens as they come in, it seems like those that submit early, hear quickly. Those that submit later seem to wait longer for their results as the schools get backed up on reviewing submissions as the volume increases. Good luck all!
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  • E2L1DCE2L1DC 2 replies0 threads New Member
    Thank you for staring this @Xena11.

    Elon's deadline for their 10/30 & 11/6 Fall auditions is today (9/21). S is submitting his prescreen today (I hear your sigh @onette LOL). Per Acceptd, if he passes, there will be an interview and another dance tape submission which is due by 11/6. After a crazy weekend of re-taping and editing, we set a new goal to get all colleges that do not require school applications first done this week. And get the rest of the applications done by 10/1. We just found out that in-person school will not start until Nov. for Seniors so "Wellness Wednesday" will be a great time to stress out with applications. ;-) I will update when he finds out his prescreen status.
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  • cgn626cgn626 16 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Does anyone know if the artistic letters of recommendation need to be in at Michigan before they review your prescreens? In the application it says they will not be reviewed until your artistic application is complete?
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