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Class of 2012 Notification Letters

bigboy4bigboy4 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
I've heard that potential NM candidates receive a letter around April to confirm that they were one of the top 50,000. As April quickly approaches, does anyone know a more specific date for these letters? Thanks in advance!
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Replies to: Class of 2012 Notification Letters

  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Registered User Posts: 82,684 Senior Member
    I don't remember the exact date. What was your score? What state are you in?
  • azcpamomazcpamom Registered User Posts: 292 Junior Member
    Do they send them out to all those with 200+ scores?
  • bigboy4bigboy4 Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    I scored a 214 in Pennsylvania, and I'm not really sure about the requirements.
  • ilovemyblacklabilovemyblacklab Registered User Posts: 236 Junior Member
    They send them out to anyone who will be commended or semifinalist. Unfortunately for those on the border, it only increases anticipation.
  • RunLax522RunLax522 Registered User Posts: 66 Junior Member
    ilovemyblacklab - That is so very true. I scored a 210 on my PSAT in RI. The cutoff last year was 211 gahhhhh
  • cortana431cortana431 - Posts: 5,015 Senior Member
    I got a 201. Will that be enough for commended? I know the cutoff has been 201 for the past couple years. If i get a notification letter from NMSP, does that mean I am a commended student?
  • StaryuloverStaryulover Registered User Posts: 387 Member
    Anyone receive theirs yet?! I got a 203, I really want at least commended!
  • mazewanderermazewanderer Registered User Posts: 1,399 Senior Member
    You will get a letter in April for all those who meet the cut off (typically 201) and asked to nominate two colleges who will be notified that you have the cut-off and are interested in that college.

    Honestly, it does not matter much if you do not give the two choices. It does not hurt and could help you if the college is looking for interest, but it will not hurt you if you do not send it. All those who get that letter are at the least commended.

    In August/Sept. you will know if you made it to Semi Finalist. The cut-offs vary by state and so a 221 will not make in MA but a 202 will make it in WY.

    Here is the link to last year's cut off

  • sMITtensMITten Registered User Posts: 609 Member
    is it pointless (this month) to choose schools who do not participate in NM awards? (for the class of 2012)

    the question is really the same for later on once finalist status has been determined. if your top choice is Ivy League (which don't particpate), should you choose them as your first choice? do you have to in order to be considered for the $2500 but nothing else? or should your first choice "always" be a NM participating school?
  • mazewanderermazewanderer Registered User Posts: 1,399 Senior Member
    I am not sure what the question specifically is but let me take a shot:

    First let me clarify: All accredited schools can participate in the National Merit Scholars program to the extent they will get the scholarship money. So if you go to Harvard, Harvard will accept funds from NMSC and disburse those funds to you, but they do not give a scholarship from their money. I think you means schools that give you money when you say "do not participate".

    There are two separate issues. First is when the top 50,000 or so get a letter (it is sent to the school not to the student) telling them that there in the top 50,000 and asking for two choices. You can put any two choices or not even respond.

    If you give two choices, those two schools are told that you are in the top 50,000 and you are interested in the school. It is supposed to show your interest in that school.

    To most top schools (including ivys), this interest is at the best brownie points. In most cases, it is a bored "OK". Many students show interest and those schools are so competitive, and hence being in the top 50,000 is not much value. At that stage no one even knows if you have made it to NMSF status.

    It does not hurt to send, especially to a school that is trying to get more NMF's. So if you are going make a pick, pick a school that gives NMF awards. So you are right. For example a school like U Chicago gives NMF awards, not a big deal but something. So you have to decide if you want to name every school that gives an award, or those that give big awards.

    Again, to repeat, not picking a school or not making a choice will not affect anything afterward. If you have two choices by all means send it in, if you three, pick any two and don't sweat. And if you forget about it and your parents give you a hard time, tell them it does not matter.

    Now if you make it the finalist status, there are couple of threads that discuss a strategy on how make a choice. Schokolade has tied all of it together
    Once you have your NMF status and ideas, that would a question you could ask.
  • atlantanerdatlantanerd Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    My daughter scored a 225 in GA. Her SAT score was 2200. Did she need to score a 2250 in order to be a finalist? She plans to take the test again in June.

  • Wolverine86Wolverine86 Registered User Posts: 2,196 Senior Member
    ^atlantanerd...No, she does not need to get a "matching" score to qualify for NMF status. She just needs to get a score that "validates" the PSAT score, and historically that has been around 2000. She is more than good with her 2250, and her PSAT is 10 points above last year's cutoff for GA so it's almost a sure bet she'll be an NMSF. As long as she maintains her grades senior year (NMSC does allow for some slippage, but make sure she stays focused) and doesn't have any disciplinary issues she should be fine. Never count those chickens until the official notification in February, but she can start looking at the various NM scholarship threads on CC to get some ideas...whether they be primary options or financial safeties. Congrats to you and your D on her great achievements so far, and Good Luck with the university search!!
  • mazewanderermazewanderer Registered User Posts: 1,399 Senior Member
    Wolverine86 is right, that you do not need a matching score. Generally PSAT is supposed to be withing +/-200 of SAT score, but the historical anecdotal cut off is 1950-1960. If they used that logic of +/- 200, a student in WY who qualifies with 202, should have leeway to go down to 2020-200 or 1820.

    With a 2200 and 255 PSAT she will be a NMSF as long as she follows all the rules. 2200 is a good score (may not be in CC but to the rest of world yes) and she should retake it only if she feels that will give her an edge in the colleges she is looking at, not for the sake of NMSC.
  • sbjdorlosbjdorlo Registered User Posts: 4,850 Senior Member
    How will your child be notified? My son's a homeschooler (225 PSAT 2320 SAT) in California. Will they send it to him or to the school where he took it? Neither of us really know how this works but my son will have 1-2 schools on his list that offer substantial scholarships for NMS finalists should he be one.
  • Wolverine86Wolverine86 Registered User Posts: 2,196 Senior Member
    sbjdorlo...Congrats to you and your S on his outstanding scores!! You've obviously done a fantastic job on his education!! From what I read on the postings from this year's crop of NM kids, all the notifications for homeschooled kids will come to your home. Normally, notifications go the the principal at the student's school but for homeschooled kids the parent equals the principal. I know this was the case for Finalist notification letters this past February, so I assume the same is true for Semifinalist notifications in September. You're lucky, since many of the schools were slow/clueless about reading the letters and notifying the students. The letters to the school went out a week ahead of letters to the home so homeschooled kids were the first to receive "official" notification. Also, the school letters (for Finalists) have the certificate in them so most of us parents are still waiting for the schools to give our kids their certificate.
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