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National Merit Finalist Question?

rhapsodyinredrhapsodyinred 0 replies2 threads New Member
So, I recently received the NMF status, and since I started the application process, my first choice school has changed. As of right now, I am accepted ED into Columbia, but my mother wants me to put University of Texas at Dallas as my first choice. She says its because UTD can be a backup for me if I get rescinded or don't graduate in time (long story short, I have some unfinished credits that I fully intend to complete), but I'm not comfortable putting a school other than Columbia as my first choice, even thought I know there is no NMF benefit to Columbia. Will Columbia see if I put another school on there?
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Replies to: National Merit Finalist Question?

  • PhlipperPhlipper 234 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @rhapsodyinred Your mom is right. Colleges that don't participate in NMSC program don't care. They understand that it is about scholarships. More than Likely Columbia will not even look at the list if they don't participate in the program.
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  • ccsouthccsouth 193 replies15 threads Junior Member
    You should speak directly with Columbia admissions about your situation. Will you not graduate with your class?

    You have until May 31, 2018 to designate a first choice college with NMSC. I don know if UTD has different deadlines for their NMSC funding. I would call them if I were you to confirm.

    From Columbia's website:

    Will Columbia ever rescind an offer of admission?
    If a candidate is offered admission, Columbia reserves the right to withdraw that offer of admission if:

    The candidate shows a significant drop in academic performance or fails to graduate.
    The candidate has misrepresented himself or herself in the application process.
    We learn that candidate has engaged in behavior prior to matriculation that indicates a serious lack of judgment or integrity.
    The candidate is holding both a place at Columbia and a place in the first-year class of a college other than Columbia after the May 1 deadline.
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  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom 5668 replies338 threads Senior Member
    Listen to your mom!
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