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USNA Class of 2023 Admissions: chances?

ashtynr99ashtynr99 12 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
I go to a small high school in central illinois (18th congressional district) and I am applying to the Naval Academy (the Naval Academy is my ultimate reach school, I have already gotten into a few other schools, USNA is just my dream)

UW GPA: 3.8 (my school does not weight gpa's
ACT: 27
SAT: 1270 Math: 590 English/Reading: 680
Dual Credit Classes: Adv. Biology, Statistics, CEO (counts as multiple business classes), and English

Softball: varsity starter 4 years, captain 3 years, academic all-conference 3 years
Cheerleading: varsity 4 years, captain senior year
Golf: 2 years, (only girl on the team/started girls team), acadmic all-conference 2 years, other golf-specific award from my school
Basketball: varsity 1 year, JV 1 year, academic all-conference 1 year
Volleyball: JV 2 years

Student Council: 4 years, secretary senior year
National Honor Society: 2 years, pioneered a tutoring program and a veterans day care packages program through this
Church Youth Group: 5+ years
Scholastic Bowl: 3 years
Yearbook: 3 years, leader senior year
Art Club: 1 year
Vice President: senior year
ALA Illini Girls State
Big Brothers Big Sisters: 3 years, was a princess at tea party for underprivelaged girls in community
Cornfield Committee: 4 years, basically runs the field day for our grade school
Senate Page: Illinois Senate for Sam McCann

Babysitter: 10 hours per day, 5 days per week during summer and random days throughout school year
Gate Worker at Sports Complex: 5-15 hours per weekend over summer and school year

I have my interview with Darin LaHood's office on Tuesday and I am beginning to get stressed about my chances, this has been my dream forever and I'm nervous that I did not do enough

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Replies to: USNA Class of 2023 Admissions: chances?

  • ChoatieMomChoatieMom 5205 replies238 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    If you do your research here, you will see my and other's posts that no one can chance anyone to the service academies:


    Continue to do your best athletically and academically, put together the best application you can, and let the chips fall where they may; that's all you or anyone can do. I'm sure you posted to get some encouragement, but nothing any stranger tells you about your chances is relevant as no one here can possibly know the competition in your district or what your chances are. You have good sports participation and ECs, and your academics are in range, but your SAT math score is low, so I would suggest working on that and re-taking the test you are most comfortable with as both your composite SAT and ACT scores are toward the lower end. USNA is primarily an engineering school, so you will want to show you can comfortably handle the math.

    I'm nervous that I did not do enough.
    If you feel you could do more, then do it. If not, why worry about it?

    I have already gotten into a few other schools, USNA is just my dream
    You may be able to do NROTC at one of the schools you've been accepted to and end up commissioning with the same rank as you would from USNA. You will need to demonstrate in your interviews that your dream is to serve as an officer in the Navy, not attend the Naval Academy. The route to becoming an officer doesn't matter to the Navy.
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  • mara15mara15 17 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Go to service academy forum USNA. Your ACT is low for the academy. HAve you met your BGO or taken your
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  • oldpilot1972oldpilot1972 87 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Everything looks very good except your test scores in math. You don't break down your ACT composite but your math component should be at least 28-29.
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  • ashtynr99ashtynr99 12 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    I passed my CFA and I have met my BGO and I have received a nomination
    medical exam is finished as well so now it’s just about waiting
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  • Brigade23Brigade23 2 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    How much does a 790 Math SAT score help me?
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