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Plz senior plz help this sad novice.

rafache9rafache9 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited July 2011 in Nepal
I did my high school in 1 of the renouned colleges of Nepal.By 2010 I had finished my 12,till then I had no idea abt studying abroad even though a sort of interest still lied somewhere since my childhood.After my ISc I was told to go for a medical field even though I had been quite ignorant abt that i thought of trying my luck,now a year after trying for medicine I realized that I cannot do good in this field as I could'nt enroll myself to any colleges of medicine in scholarship.So I now lie stranded having no idea what to do but soon then this idea abt studying abroad encountered my mind,so I want to do it in here.But since I'm a novice i've got no idea how to get started.Plz seniors plz help a hopeless fren.I haven't done my SAT and Toefl &i don't even have any extracurricular activities in hand.Do u think a person like me would be successful in getting into a good college.If yes then how should I get started and how can I economize my time?Which type of colleges wud be good 4 someone like me?
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Replies to: Plz senior plz help this sad novice.

  • specificspecific 385 replies25 threads Member
    160 views and no reply. Let me try once.

    First and foremost advice is that Stop worrying so much. Yeah you still can get into some good colleges in US, given that you have done pretty well in I.Sc., which I hope you have.

    You have to give at least SAT (giving TOEFL helps too) and the SAT subject tests, if aiming for some top tier schools. You need to do pretty well on these tests.

    You need to research on colleges you want to apply on the basis of academic interest, paying ability and other stuffs. Internet can be of great help in this case. Keep reading posts on CC too.
    Keep bombarding questions on this forum if you have any problems. People here are very helpful and encouraging. Good luck.
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  • *^_^**^_^* 131 replies2 threads Junior Member
    To rafache9,
    I remember I was in the same position as you are in now about 2 or 3 years ago (not the medical school part though. lol) There is a great source out there which is going to answer all your questions - your friends! Believe it or not but that's how I was helped. When I knew for sure that I wanted to study abroad, I started building up networks with my high school friends, school friends and even people I met through college confidential. I kept in contact with friends who had already gone through TOEFL, SAT or, community services for extra-curriculars. After a month or two, I started teaching my other "novice" friends about what needs to get done. Most of the so "alleged" seniors, who can help you, are already abroad and they can only help you so much! If you need the inside scoop, then go get your friends!

    Now the advice part:
    Look for the kind of colleges you want to go to; what would you want to study; what type of financial aid would you need; what kind of SAT and TOEFL scores you would need to get there.

    I would suggest apply at least to 25 colleges. I know it looks like a lot, but trust me 25 is not enough at times if studying abroad is really what you want to do. While choosing 25, you might want to have 15 reaches (the colleges you can get into), 10 not so good but decent scholarship schools and 10 colleges you want to get into but is solely dependent on your luck.

    That's all I can advice you on. Good Luck!
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  • rafachel1993rafachel1993 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Thanks everyone for your advices, that encouraged me a lot.But l'm worried because I think I don't have much time to prepare for my SAT exams and start applying for colleges because I heard that some good colleges need SAT scores of specified month and I wonder if I've already lost that time.I think it's already too late and if I have no option I'll be forced to lose one more year which is pathetic.All my ferns have started their career already which is more annoying. Another thing is that do I need to explain to the college authorities the reason for the loss of a year if I happen to apply???
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