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CAS or Stern?

cheekboy34cheekboy34 175 replies29 threads Junior Member
edited October 2010 in New York University
Does anyone have any opinions on whether i would be a better fit for stern or cas? My friends have told me cas is easier to get into but harder to find a job when you get out. Are my stats good enough to apply to stern and risk the chance of not getting into nyu at all?

State: Washington
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male

UWGPA: 3.881
WGPA: 4.47

Top 7% in Class

Potential College Major: Economics/Business Administration/Finance

AP's taken: World History (4), Chinese (5), Lang. and Comp (2), Calc AB (3), Physics B (3), Micro Econ (3), Macro Econ (4)

Senior Schedule:
AP Environmental Science
AP Stats
AP Amer. Gov
AP Lit
Honors Orchestra
Link Crew/ PE(required to graduate.)
BusinessLaw/Personal Finance

Math: 34
English w/ Writing: 28
Science: 30
Reading: 27

MathII: 770
Physics: 650

· Knight Valor Award for 100+ community service hours (11)
· AP Scholar with Honor Award (11)
· Special Recognition at SYAMF for Piano (9)
· 2nd Place Team Award at Math is Cool Championships (11)
· Outstanding Sophomore Boy in Orchestra (10)
· Outstanding Junior Boy in Orchestra (11)
· Leadership Award in Link Crew (11)
· II+ Rating at Solo and Ensemble for Piano (10)

Extra Curriculars:
· NHS Orchestra (9, 10, 11, 12)
-Chamber Orchestra (11, 12)
· Link Crew (11, 12)
-Commissioner (11,12)
· National Honor Society (11, 12)
-Secretary (12)
· Music With A Mission (co-founder) (10, 11, 12)
-Vice President (10, 11)
-President (12)
· Math Club (9, 10, 11, 12)
· NHS Cross Country (10)
· Key Club (9, 10)
· NHS Track and Field (9, 10, 12)
· Peer Tutor for Math (11, 12)

Community Service:
· Soup Kitchen at Highland Community Center (10)
-Feed disabled 4 times a month throughout school year
· Bellevue Parks Restoration Project (11)
-Restore trailheads
· 24-Hour Relay (9)
-Ran for 24 hours with a team as a fundraiser for cancer awareness and research
· Music Gigs (11, 12)
-Played at a wedding and an after-school care center
· Relay For Life (10, 11, 12)
-Ran for 18 hours with a team as a fundraise for cancer awareness and research
edited October 2010
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Replies to: CAS or Stern?

  • AudreyHAudreyH 685 replies33 threads Member
    I can't think of anything that you are lacking as far as statistics go. Good luck :)
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  • imfrickenfoofyimfrickenfoofy User Awaiting Email Confirmation 98 replies45 threads Junior Member
    Decide if you want your undergraduate curriculum to be focused on business entirely, or something else?

    Stern or CAS, with your work ethic you'll be successful regardless.
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  • thestormthestorm 79 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Don't decide which school to apply to based on risk of getting into that school with in the college, decide what you want to do then apply to that school. W/ your stats, you should be fine, I got in and I don't have stellar stats. Your ACT might be the only weakness, I had a 33; try taking it again. Focus on your weak areas.
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  • cheekboy34cheekboy34 175 replies29 threads Junior Member
    Thanks everyone! I decided to go for Stern...soooo bump for anyone who wants to chance me on stern?
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  • cheekboy34cheekboy34 175 replies29 threads Junior Member
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