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Special Circumstances/ Chance me CAS / ED2

naman1221naman1221 33 replies8 threads Junior Member
edited November 2011 in New York University
Thanks for reading this.

Now, compared to everyone else on this site, I look like i don't belong but i wanted to get some serious chances on my NYU application

I go to Rutgers Prep which is one of the top private schools in the state of NJ.

GPA: 3.0 ..yes i know its horrible. let me explain at the end.

SAT I: 690 Math, 670 CR, 680 WR
ACT: 29
Guidance Rec: Really good..put ina lot of volunteer work at school
2 teacher recs: both teachers know me very well and know how hard i try

-Started non profit foundation --> raised over $10000 so far.
-Medical Education video project--> over 50000 views on videos total
- Varsity Basketball/Tennis
-Started Cultural Sunday School--> attended by 50 + students now
- Designed multiple websites etc.
- Paid Job at Kumon as a tutor

Legacy: Uncle went there, have 4 cousins at NYU right now. <--dont know if it makes a difference

Finally, the explanation for my GPA. i really want to know if this will make a difference to them...

My freshman year, I missed about a half year of school when my mother passed away from a brain tumor. The two years after that, i spend in and out of different psychologists office and because of this depression and mental health issues, my grades suffered greatly and i couldn't focus in school. This year, the first quarter, i have picked it up and tried to get myself together.

Will NYU actually read this and understand and take it into consideration or will they just see my GPA and turn me away?
edited November 2011
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Replies to: Special Circumstances/ Chance me CAS / ED2

  • NYU2013NYU2013 1751 replies42 threads Senior Member
    It's difficult to say....

    It is well known that NYU is a very independent school, where students are mostly on their own. We've had to put walls up in the library atrium and block off balconies because we (at least used to) compete with Cornell for the most suicides per year. Which is really bad.

    Given your low GPA and the fact that you've had depression, adcoms may question whether or not you are mentally ready for NYU.
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  • naman1221naman1221 33 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I didn't put the depression situation in. I just put that the death kept me out of school for family obligations. I was depressed, but no where near suicid. Is there a legitmiate chance though?

    Or is it just too far a reach for me? My SAT scores are a little above average.
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  • NYU2013NYU2013 1751 replies42 threads Senior Member
    SAT scores for all 4 year programs at NYU:

    So your SAT scores are pretty average for CAS.

    Your GPA, however is not average. Only 11% of students have a GPA of 3.0-3.24; Only 1% has a GPA lower than 3.0. (And I don't think that statistic has been updated for at least two years)

    So, in all reality, based on stats alone, your chances are very small.
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