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Do I have a shot at NYU Stern?

superlative828superlative828 30 replies4 threads- Junior Member
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Hey, guys.

Stern's my top choice right now and I'm excited about applying. I plan to apply for finance with a double-major in information systems.

I go to school in Delaware and I'm a Southeast Asian male.

GPA: 3.72 W
Rank: Top 20%
SAT: 2100 (720 CR, 670 M, 710 W)
Subject Tests: 760 (US History), working towards a 700+ on Math 2 for Nov.

- US History (5)
- English Lang (5)
- Psychology (3)
- US Government (3)
- Calculus AB (3)

Senior Courses:
- AP English Lit
- AP Calculus BC
- AP Statistics
- AP Physics B
- AP European History
- Accounting II

So far, I have straight A's and I plan on keeping it that way for my mid-year report. My GPA should subsequently increase.

I have taken the most rigorous courseload available since freshman year, since as a freshman I was placed into the IGCSE program (a much less popular International Baccalaureate for 9th and 10th grade). Counting my classes this year, I will have taken 10 AP classes in total.


- DECA, President. I have competed nationally for the past two years. At the state level, I have placed 1st in Business Services Marketing 2012 and 3rd Business Services Marketing 2011.

- Business Professionals of America, President. I competed nationally last year. I won 1st Place in Banking and Finance, 2nd Place in Management Concepts, and 5th Place in Insurance Concepts at the state level.

- Investment Club, Founder.

- Technology Student Association, Founding Member.

- Metaphysics Club, Founding Member.

- Varsity Lacrosse

- Varsity Indoor Track and Field

- Young Democrats

- Habitat for Humanity

- Volunteered at the local library for ~100 hours

My letters of recommendation are from my AP Lang and APUSH teacher. My personal essay is about the immigration process since I immigrated here when I was a kid.

Overall, I'm concerned about my GPA and I think my SAT score is slightly lower than the average score for Stern. I think Stern's a reach for me, but I'd love to hear some second opinions! Thanks.
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4 replies
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Replies to: Do I have a shot at NYU Stern?

  • superlative828superlative828 30 replies4 threads- Junior Member
    Bump 10char
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  • dseed332dseed332 94 replies16 threads Junior Member
    20% high match and 80% low reach. Your EC's definitely show leadership but being a finance major, all your math scores are low.
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  • dseed332dseed332 94 replies16 threads Junior Member
    And take the SAT again in December. That 670 in Math will definitely bring you down.
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  • bigtimebanquerbigtimebanquer 17 replies2 threads New Member
    wait up dude a 3.72 W GPA is pretty low, especially if your telling us that you've taken 5 AP classes till now!!! U sure thats not the unweighted GPA. And I def agree with the other two guys, you've probably gotta take the SAT I again and also taking the SAT II math just to show them that your good at math!! I think its between a reach and a high reach if GPA is W and low reach to reach if GPA is UW and match if you get above 2200 on the SAT!!!! Good luck!!
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