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Surviving Sandy

quilllquilll 352 replies19 threads Member
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Ok NYU parents and students, now that the lights are out and classes are cancelled until Monday, how are you weathering the wake of Hurricane Sandy? My sophomore went to relatives far uptown while the trains were still running on Sunday and is now with friends in a borrowed midtown apartment waiting the restoration of power and water to their student housing. How are others faring and what have you heard about plans to assist students who are "sheltering in place" now that it looks like this will be a long ordeal? Wishing safe passage to all those making the best of the aftermath of the storm.
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Replies to: Surviving Sandy

  • anialwaysanialways 1193 replies17 threads Senior Member
    Hello quill

    Just finished posting on Parents forum. So I am going to copy/paste.

    This is what I have heard from my D, a sophomore,and regular email updates from NYU.

    NYU has cancelled all classes for this week. They hope to resume Monday, 5 November onwards. Most dorms are out of Power and Water. The students are well taken care of. Residents from 6 dorms have been relocated to other facilities. Those who are on 23rd street are not being relocated but because they have no power and water, the food is beginning to rot and since toilets are not flushing, it is beginning to stink. So most students at Gramercy are planning to get out of New York. How they are going to do that is a big issue since the transit system is not operational at all.

    They are not able to recharge their phones. And so I was able to hear from D twice in last 2 days. Once just went the power went off yesterday- 9:30pm and once tonight 2pm. So while food is being provided, a direct phone line on ground floor, lights in corridors, etc. since the elevators are closed, so for everything they have to use the stairs. She is on the 21st floor. Making it really difficult. Plus the whole city is dead as stores cannot open, as the transit system is down.

    My D and her friends want to leave NY and I do not know how they are planning to do that. I had suggested checking into a hotel or rental apartment. But they have a mind of their own. I had even found a one bedroom fully furnished apartment, accommodates 5 people, with kitchen on the 49th street. But nah... And I even offered to book it for them from here in India since they have no internet and the phones and computers have run out of charge as well. All they had to do was cab up to this place. But the city is so dead, they want to get out of there.

    I don't know how they will make up for missed classes this week. The worry is more so as she already has flight booked for December break. Any change in those dates will be difficult and expensive as that is peak travel time.

    Let us just hope for the best. All those experiencing snow and storm difficulties, my prayers and best wishes to all of you. Stay safe and stay warm.
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  • FluffyJrFluffyJr 9 replies3 threads New Member
    Prayers to all and hoping for a speedy recovery. We have lost contact with our D since yesterday...it is more worrisome for us as she has a very resctrictive diet due to her health and don't know how she will manage. We think she was moved to Kimmel...don't know what the situation is like there right now.
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  • quilllquilll 352 replies19 threads Member
    I'm pretty sure Kimmel has power at least on the ground floor and students are charging their electronics there. That's also where they are feeding everyone. Hopefully your daughter will be in touch with you soon. Several of the residence halls are being evacuated today and students are only being permitted back in during certain hours to retrieve belongings. Stay warm and dry all you NYU kids.
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  • NYUSternie2016NYUSternie2016 232 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I'm a freshman who is currently holding out still in NYC. Depending on your dorm, some people were forced to move into dorms with running water and partial lighting (hallways.) Kimmel is open 24/7 and has been the place to go for charging and some have chose to sleepover there. Palladium is providing hot showers as well for those who want them.

    Many students have left the school to find shelter elsewhere. Personally, the biggest complaint is that the surrounding shops are pretty much all closed making outside food almost impossible. Going to midtown seems like the best option to escape the blackout however getting up there takes a lengthy cab ride (including the wait.) NYU has been pretty helpful and you can find more info on their Facebook page as they are constantly updating it.

    On a positive note, Alec Baldwin visited students at Kimmel tonight and President Sexton has decided to host a "party" tomorrow night with magicians and performers at Bobst.
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  • FluffyJrFluffyJr 9 replies3 threads New Member
    Thanks everyone for the helpful comments and support! Have finally made contact.
    Is a majority checking into hotels? We have a relative in Virginia but they are coping with the aftermath as well....so don't know whether we need to do the hotel thing....it really makes you step back a bit and come to appreciate the day to day things one so easily took for granted like electricity, flush water ...and a HOT SHOWER!
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  • anialwaysanialways 1193 replies17 threads Senior Member
    I had suggested my D to move into a hotel uptown with friends and hey could split the cost. But they decide to go to Boston instead to be with friends as that part has not been affected by Sandy. Also they said no point sticking around in NY as all stores are closed because of transit system not operating. So they managed to get a bus and reached Boston 10 pm last night.

    Depending on your budget you can have look at the link below. 4 persons can share and split the cost.

    Booking.com: Hotel Affinia Dumont, New York City, United States of America - 593 Guest reviews. Book your hotel now!
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  • SDonCCSDonCC 2324 replies49 threads Senior Member
    As a parent of a student, I think that NYU has been doing a great job in taking care of its students and communicating with parents. I am really impressed. It is a difficult situation and for an institution of this size to do what they've done in such a fast time is wonderful. Can't always say that the bureaucracy of NYU works out so well, but I think in this situation they've earned my gratitude.
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  • PRJPRJ 1828 replies49 threads Senior Member
    Agree completely with SDonCC, although we ultimately chose to bring our freshman D home to the Midwest. She was exhausted and running a fever, so we figured a few days of rest at home was the best idea. Turns out she has an ear infection, so it was the right move. Now I'm trying to figure out when to book her flight back and into which airport....
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  • writestuff54writestuff54 241 replies25 threads Junior Member
    D stayed upper east side at her boyfriend's and never lost power so that was great....but she tried to get back to her apt in Brooklyn yesterday and it took hours to get there. She is not sure how commuters will ever make it to class next week. NJ, Long Island, Brooklyn are all pretty isolated and may be for a while.
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  • OneToughMommyOneToughMommy 195 replies16 threads Junior Member
    One thing I have to say is that NYU communications to parents have been really well done. Frequent, honest updates!
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