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Stern Sophomore Transfer Math Advice

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I am currently taking a Finite math course at my junior college to fulfill a prerequisite for a Business Statistics class. I came into this class a bit rusty, it was my first time back in math in several years. Regardless, I am currently passing the class with a C+ and will more than likely keep that C+ for the remainder of the semester. I come to you looking for advice, I have spoken to a few of my counselors and professors and have received mixed opinions. Tomorrow (Nov 20th) is the drop date for this class. I have been contemplating dropping the class for the last two weeks or so, reason being because I do have a C+ in the class. I don't want it to bring down my grade point average drastically for this fall semester. Currently I am weighing the pros and cons of keeping the class.

I know it may not seem like a big deal, and perhaps I am blowing this out of proportion. My thought process is do I take the C+, and have the ability to take Business Statistics next semester which is not a requirement for a Stern Sophomore, although it is one for a Junior. By taking this course and doing well in it, I feel like it would help my application for entry into the school.

Conversely, if I were to drop the class I would have a withdrawal passing on my transcript however, I would maintain a 3.75 grade point average for the semester whereas, if I kept this Finite course I would drop to a 3.31, and that is with the understanding that my grades do not fluctuate at all between now and December 12th (end of the semester). Albeit I would not be able to take the Statistic's course. You see this is a bit of a conundrum and I am curious as to what your opinion would be on this matter.
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