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Do I have a chance at getting into NYU?

celestinocelestino 0 replies2 threads New Member
HI! I am a female, 50% Hispanic, upper middle class, and attending a public school. NYU is my dream school and I was wondering if I have any shot at all. I had some really rough grades freshmen and sophomore year but they were in honors classes so my GPA is still strong. And I have gotten straight As junior year and plan to senior year.

I will be an upcoming senior.

My unweighted GPA is 3.6 and if I get straight As all through senior year, which I know I can, it will be a 3.9
My weighted GPA is a 4.4 and if I get straight As all through senior year it will be around a 4.6

My ACT scores are 30(31 E, 33 R, 27 S, 29 M)

AP Classes-
US history-4
language- 5
I also received a transferable credit for my math classes (precalc, calc) this year will be the same for calc 2
and I am taking some more AP classes

by the end of senior year I will have taken 4 years of a foreign language

I have been active in the school drama program sophomore and junior year and I plan to senior year as well.

I am in the schools top concert band; I play the flute

I have been on my schools competitive dance team since freshman year, was a junior captain junior year and I will hopefully be the head captain senior year (we are like cheerleaders, but we dance instead of tumble)

I have done some volunteer hours, including tutoring students in math

Do I have any shot at getting into NYU? I know they only accept like 32%
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