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Chance me NYU RD

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This discussion was created from comments split from: Chance me NYU ED2.
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  • elainasymeselainasymes 2 replies0 threads New Member
    im applying to nyu rd as a neuroscience major on a pre-med track. i live in middle tennesse at go the top ranked public highschool in my county and maybe even the state. i also switched schools my junior year thats why my gpa kinda sucks
    ACT: 32
    GPA weighted: ~4.1 (my school's scale)
    My school doesn't calculate our unweighted or class rank
    AP scores: psych(5), chem(3), apush(3), lang (4)
    AP/honors courses: 9th: 2 10th: 4 11th: 5
    senior year classes: AP stat, art 1 lmao, AP physics 1, honors calc, AP gov, AP macro, AP lit
    EC: competitive dance (7 years), highschool dance team (9,10), ModelUN/Youth in Government (11,12), volunteer at vanderbilt childrens hospital (11,12), dance mararthon (11,12), yearbook (11,12), barista (11,12)
    Honors: National Honors society (12), science national honors society (11,12), spanish national honors society (11,12), ap scholar with honors

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  • IcyColdTeaIcyColdTea 9 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi! I'm Erik, a high school senior in the city. I decided to major in Nursing and had just applied to NYU Meyers College of Nursing for RD. (like 5 minutes ago) My stats are:

    Asian Male, 1st in the family to go to college.

    93.31 GPA (Unweighted)

    SAT 1490 (M790, E700)

    Currently Taking (and will take the AP exam in the first 4):

    AP Calculus BC

    AP English Literature

    AP Microeconomics

    AP Biology

    Spanish Advanced (a yr.#4 course, but I didn't want to take AP, so I took 2 different advanced spanish last year and this).

    Took the AP:

    AP Psychology: 5

    AP English Language: 4

    AP U.S. History: 4

    Extracurriculars (after school) are Badminton CLUB (not team). Other extracurricular include volunteering at libraries (60+ hours still ongoing), 90 hours at Pre-K/summer program, a job at tutoring school as Teacher Assistant.

    Wrote my essay on how anime is a big part of me (or was but I didn't include this last statement), and how I learned to be more like "unbiased or hateful" for other people and it changed me to become a more outgoing and confident (i guess) person.

    Wrote my NYU Sup about why I want to even do nursing and basically how i would help my family when they grow older and the opportunities at NYU.

    Please chance me!
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