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Am I qualified for Stern??? Chance Me

Made_in_ChinaMade_in_China 476 replies34 threads Member
edited June 2007 in New York University
Stern is definitely my first choice school. However I'm not sure how much of a chance I have.

I'm an Asian male attending a large public suburban high school in Utah. Theres about 2100 students split between 3 grades. Not a really good school, only like 18% of graduates go on to 4 year institutions.

GPA: 3.9 unweighted. I'm an IB candidate.
Rank: 18 out of around 650 students. Unweighted

SAT: Math: 740 CR: 660 Writing: 600 Total: 2000

SAT II: US History: 640
Planning to take Math IIC and Chemistry in November.

EC Activities:
Debate: 10-12 (Captain 11-12) Various Local Tournament wins.
Model UN: 10-12 Outstanding delegate in State Competition 10-11
Key Club: 10-12 Various Service Activities
MESA: 10-12
DECA: 10-12
Track & Field 10-12
Volunteered for Red Cross: 150+ hours
Summer Chemistry program at the state university

Just crappy school awards that aren't worth mentioning.

Work Experience:
I worked at a call center doing telephone surveys. Crappy job, but payed well for a high school student. Worked 10-11 grade

Is there anything I can do to improve my chances?

Also I'm wondering how much of a difference would applying ED or RD make. I'm kind of hesistant to apply ED because of of NYU's bad finaid. But if ED can be the difference between a reject or an accept, I definitely will apply ED.

Thanks for your time.
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Replies to: Am I qualified for Stern??? Chance Me

  • xanthomxanthom 166 replies30 threads- Junior Member
    Looks fine to me.
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  • mattistotlemattistotle 1686 replies57 threads Senior Member
    if only 18% go to college, you should get your class rank up to top 1%, SAT to 1450
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  • shades_childrenshades_children 2109 replies96 threads Senior Member

    You get points for geographical diversity. However, your SAT scores are low for Stern. Get all sections above 700 and your chances improve. If you can get them all above 750, then your chances are even better.

    You do stand a chance as it is, but I personally think your SAT scores might just be too low.


    He's in the top 3%. I think that's good enough. If the top kids at his school are all very good and all very similar, the difference between the 99th percentile and the 97th percentile could be ridiculously small.
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  • Made_in_ChinaMade_in_China 476 replies34 threads Member
    Do I also get points for being an Asian in Utah? Or do those cancel each other out? Or since being an asian in Utah is rare is that double points? j/k

    The thing about my rank is that its unweighted. So all the students in that have 4.0s with very easy schedules are ranked before me.

    Also can anyone help me in deciding whether to apply ED or RD. How much of a difference will it make if I apply ED?

    Also will my writing score hurt me, will I need to improve it, or will Stern not care.
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