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Can you be considered for GSP if you applied to Steinhardt?

eskimo208eskimo208 179 replies56 threads Junior Member
edited March 2008 in New York University
Just wondering.. thanks!
edited March 2008
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Replies to: Can you be considered for GSP if you applied to Steinhardt?

  • 8dbordel8dbordel 389 replies31 threads Member
    I believe so, but it's more likely for CAS applicants to be GSP'd. I myself applied to Steinhardt as well and am waiting to hear back.
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  • kezbieskezbies 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    No, GSP is reserved for mainly CAS, considering it is a subdivision of CAS, and then Tisch for film studies. They stopped admitting Stern students into GSP this year. Actually, there might be a film studies major in Steinhardt, but that would be the only major they would place in GSP. Gallatin is very rare, but possible.
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  • hannahtastichannahtastic 390 replies18 threads Member
    Where did you hear this about no more Stern GSP?
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  • kezbieskezbies 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    it is on the NYU website, in the admissions forums posted by NYU staff. sorry if i shattered any dreams here =(

    "Starting this year, we will no longer refer Stern applicants to the General Studies program."
    "The vast majority of students referred to GSP are College of Arts and Science applicants. Each year, we do refer a small number of Gallatin and Tisch film majors."

    straight from the admissions officer's mouth. or post rather. the whole reason GSP is reserved for CAS is because it is a liberal arts program, and this curriculum doesn't really fit in with any of the other schools. so OP no, GSP is not an option for steinhardt applicants.
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  • eskimo208eskimo208 179 replies56 threads Junior Member
    :/ alright. Steinhardt is known to be a little easier on admissions though right?
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  • kezbieskezbies 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    i have absolutely no idea. i would assume it's just as competitive as any other school at NYU, with maybe the exception of Stern. what's your intended major? stats?
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  • eskimo208eskimo208 179 replies56 threads Junior Member
    Well I actually wanted to apply to cas at first but then i was told i had absolutely not chance at all so I should apply to steinhardt because they care more about the portfolio and put less weight on grades and test scores. so i decided to take that route.. im just not sure i made the right decision because no im wondering if it will be even more selective etc etc

    i would do studio art at steinhardt

    here are my stats: thanks for your input!

    Female; ny resident; us/Israel dual citizenship
    GPA 3.32uw (im guessing, but im not really sure bc my school doesn't release the uw) 3.9 weighted, top 30% (im guessing, but my school doesn't rank)
    A and B averages
    SAT: 560cr, 640m, 710w (12essay)
    SATII: 690m1, 620m2
    Full International Baccalaureate Candidate
    Senior courses: IB History of the Americas, IB World Literature, IB Physics, IB Spanish, IB Theory of Knowledge, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, Government

    *my school was rated the 4th public high school in the nation by newsweek. most demanding/rigorous course schedule.

    *Essays: Excellent
    *Recs: Guidance rec was excellent (called me the "renaissance girl'), teacher A Excellent, teacher B Great, 1 extra recommendation from the prof. at columbia that I interned for this summer.. the rec was AMAZING.

    *not asking for any financial aid

    *also sent in a supplemental portfolio displaying unique one of a kind fashions that I've designed and created as a result of my international travels. also included photography that I've done, seveeral newspaper articles, and scientific abstract.


    Activities and Organizations:
    -CEO of Fashion Design Company that I founded (2005-present)
    -Intern at Swiss Consulting Group (New York, NY)
    -Meszaros International Center for Entrepreneurship classes at university of buffalo
    -Advanced Acting for Film Class (2002-2006)
    -In 2005, Co-created a 30 minute television pilot that was pitched in LA. It was picked up, however, I decided not to re-located to LA, in pursuit of continuing my high school education.

    Leadership in School:
    -Editor of School literary magazine. (2007-2008)
    Helicon (3hrs/wk, 2004-Present)
    -President of Junior Class of 2008 (2006-2007)
    -Vice President Senior Class of 2008(2007-2008)
    Student Government (2 hrs/wk, 2006-Present)
    -Secretary of Student Council (2006-2007)
    -Vice President of Student Council(2007-2008)
    Student Council (2 hrs/wk, 2000-Present)
    -Vice President of Multicultural Club (2006-2008)
    Multicultural Club (2 hrs/wk, 2000-Present)
    -Math tutor (1.5 hrs/wk, 2006-Present)
    Tutors children in advance mathematics
    -Junior 8 Summit Competition (4 hrs/wk, 2007)
    Justice League Representative in International Competition

    Leadership in the Community and Volunteer Work:
    -Coats for Kids (150+hrs/yr, 2000-Present)
    Co-Founded organization to provide over 500 warm winter coats, hats, scarf’s, gloves, and boots each year to the poorest Hispanic Community of Buffalo.
    -Roswell Park Cancer Institute (150+hrs, 2004-Present) (I've been volunteering a lot here ever since I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 12. I'm fine now though. I just try to give back to the pediatric cancer community as much as I can)
    • Raised $3,000+ by hosting a Charity Fashion Show featuring my dress creations; Spends time with Pediatric cancer patients.
    • PaintBox Project at Roswell Park Cancer Institute (50+hrs, 2004-Present)
    Designed and donated artwork that was reproduced by PaintBox Project and sold as corporate holiday cards and products that yielded thousands of dollars in revenue for the Institute; Assists young cancer patients in expressing their ideas in art form.
    -Jewish Philanthropic Organization (4 hrs/wk, 2004-Present)
    Teen Tzedakah; Student Board of Directors who allocate money to various non-for-profit organizations in the Buffalo area

    Honors and Awards:
    -Scientific Abstract Awarded Finalist
    At the World congress of Biological Psychiatry in Vienna, Austria.The only presenter without a doctorate.“The Association of Adolescent’s Height and Weight with Stress and School Achievement” Sponsored by University at Buffalo’s Biobehavioral Program.
    -Roswell Park Cancer Institute Above and Beyond Award
    For outstanding dedication and lasting contribution to Carly's Club for Kids and Cancer Research in Western New York
    -Western New York Hispanic Society Award for Community Service
    For outstanding dedication to the Hispanic Society of Western New York
    -Swarthmore Book Award
    For academic passion and outstanding leadership
    -Various Published Poetry and Photography (2000-Present)

    Travel Experience:
    -Has traveled to over 35 countries on 5 different continents
    -Exchange Student: Artes de Mexico: Queretaro, Mexico (Summer, 2005)
    -BBYO: International Leadership Seminar, Israel (Summer 2007)
    A 3 week leadership program in which I was immersed in the teachings of Judaism and the current Arab-Israeli conflict. Participants were students who showed outstanding leadership in their community.

    *looking to major in entrepreneurial studies and design

    Barnard College (my dream school, i'd do anything to go here)
    Brown University (5 year duel degree program brown/risd)
    Rhode Island School of Design (5 year duel degree program brown/risd)
    Georgetown University
    New York University
    Sarah Lawrence College
    Wellesley College
    Boston College
    Swarthmore College
    Vassar College
    Fordham University
    Northeastern University
    University at Buffalo Honors College
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  • kezbieskezbies 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    haha, well, that was a lot more than expected.
    don't regret anything, it gets you nowhere. i mean, i kick myself everyday in the butt for not applying ED, but hey, there's nothing i can do about it now.
    and who is this "someone" who told you your chances were better in steinhardt rather than CAS? you should apply where you want to study, and i suggest next time research the school more extensively so you don't run into problems like this i.e. finding out steinhardt doesn't GSP

    all you can do now is hope for the best, and if you don't get in, there is always transfer.

    and i really think NYU as a whole is a highly selective university. one school isn't labeled "the dumb" school or "the easy" school. they are all very difficult to be accepted into and lie on the same advanced academic level.
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  • jh2633jh2633 242 replies15 threads Junior Member
    ah crap, so that means I can stop checking my mail everyday for GSP now? I applied as a nutritional science major to steinhardt (even though it sounds more like a CAS major)
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  • kezbieskezbies 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    again, GSP is mainly for CAS students. on rare occasions, Gallatin and only the FILM STUDIES tisch students. NO stern, NO steinhardt, NO social work etc.
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  • salem1salem1 377 replies21 threads Member
    eskimo, since your portfolio is a big part of your application, and I don't think CAS allows them...applying to Steinhardt was the right choice for you. I wouldn't second guess it. SOme kids who have gotten their GSP letters have UW GPA's of 3.8, so you can't assume that GSP was your only shot at NYU, with your EC's and creative portfolio, I think Steinhardt was the right route for you (what major you looking at?)
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