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Question about GSP and CAS..sorry!

crzy2ritecrzy2rite 268 replies43 threads Member
edited February 2008 in New York University
I applied for CAS for the fall, but I am not sure if my stats are that great. I am in the top 10% of my class, lots of leadership, reasearch but my SAT's are mediocre (1900) If I don't get an unofficial offer to GSP from them, does that mean that I am probably not going to get in CAS? I plan on being pre-med so I can't spend an extra two years getting an associates degree and then going to college for 4 years.

Can I still get into CAS even if I don't get an invite to GSP? I didn't know about this stuff, so reading the forums has been freaking me out! Can anyone clarify this for me? thanks!
edited February 2008
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Replies to: Question about GSP and CAS..sorry!

  • RacPaimeRacPaime 73 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Do not worry about it. Remember there were many people above your stats and still get rejected. Yet there are those with lower stats that get in. It really depends on your essays a lot. If you're not accepted and you really want to go there, you would have to transfer. Do not panic. Some students from NYU transfer out and realize their dream school is not the way they want it to be. Sometimes the first choice school is not always the best. However, to truly find out if it is right for you, you would have to be a student rather than merely visit it.

    By the way, if you do not get GSP then you are rejected from CAS. However, you can try repealing it. Generally if you repeal you need new information about your academics and activities.
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  • kezbieskezbies 92 replies5 threads Junior Member
    ^^ not true, if you do not receive a GSP letter in the upcoming weeks, that means you are either rejected or accepted into CAS. acceptance letters will not be sent until April 1st. read my thread, "GSP hopefuls, there is still light at the end of the tunnel!"
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  • HyunwooPHyunwooP 285 replies26 threads Member
    If you do GSP you do two years and then two years in CAS and you finish out with a CAS degree. Total four years not six.
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  • crzy2ritecrzy2rite 268 replies43 threads Member
    Okay..thanks for the responses. I didn't know that it was a total of four years =)

    But I am still a bit confused, since I have been given two different stories. If a student applies to CAS but does not get a GSP letter in the upcoming weeks, does that mean that CAS has already rejected them?
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  • teampakistanteampakistan 77 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Alright let me clarify this for some people:

    GSP and CAS are two different, yet related programs. This is how it works- if you are a solid candidate but do not fit into the class they're selecting for CAS, you will be offered GSP. However, if you are not a good match for either program, you will be rejected from both. A GSP letter simply means that you got rejected from CAS. Remember, no one applies to GSP, only to CAS. If you didn't get a GSP letter, that means you weren't a good fit for that program. That does not mean you will be rejected from CAS, however. It simply means you will wait a little longer for your decision, but it doesn't mean that are accepted into CAS either. It means you didn't get into GSP.
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  • crzy2ritecrzy2rite 268 replies43 threads Member
    Thank you so much for that teampakistan! that explanation really alleviated a lot of stress. I got enough of that already as I am sure everyone else on this forum does as well! =)
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