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Nyu $

sirajomansirajoman - 66 replies36 threads Junior Member
edited March 2008 in New York University
My families annual income is 30,000 $ a year. All from my dads job. Mom doesnt work.
1200$ in assets(mom).

What can i expect as my financial aid at NYU? Full? Not full? More loan than grant? Vice Versa?
edited March 2008
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Replies to: Nyu $

  • raymzizuraymzizu 37 replies1 threads Junior Member
    NYU is almost 100% sure to not give you full.... i dunno if they ever give anyone full aid..
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  • ranurmaranurma 33 replies13 threads Junior Member
    ok...so my efc is 0....my parents' income in US dollars is abt $15000 (i live abroad....but i am a permanent resident..so im eligible for federal aid) wich means theyll hav to consider giving full i ges.....does that affect decisions in ne way? i really wanna go to nyu :(....
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  • donkeykong1donkeykong1 71 replies36 threads Junior Member
    my parents' make 13,000 a year and im sure they wont give me a full ride if i get in. the most they'll give me is a bunch of grants and like a 8,000-10,000 loan package. and no , the income doesnt make a difference-need blind
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  • adriennevyadriennevy 222 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I'm also curious about this. I'm claiming independent this year and my efc is a little over 2,000. I'm really nervous about fin. aid. because my parents aren't giving me any money for school.
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  • alwaysamomalwaysamom 12281 replies217 threads Senior Member
    Your best bet is to check previous year's posts to see what students in similar financial situations have received. The average financial aid package at NYU is ~$20,000. Annual costs are ~$50,000. Many, if not most, financial aid packages consist largely of loans. Chances of receiving anything near a full-ride from NYU are very slim. Unfortunately, that's a reality. If you've submitted your FAFSA, you should get the financial aid package with, or soon after, your acceptance in April. Best of luck to all of you.

    adrien, achieving emancipated status is not easy. Generally speaking, you have to either be married or 24 years old, have no financial connection to your parents which would include them using you as a tax deduction, not living with them, etc. I wouldn't count on that allowing you to receive more in financial aid from NYU.
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  • adriennevyadriennevy 222 replies18 threads Junior Member
    alwaysamom- I am 23, and the question on FAFSA this year was something like "Were you born before Jan 1985?" which I was. My parents do not claim me on their taxes. Other than currently residing under my mother's roof to save money, I pay for my own everything, including food, car, health insurance, etc. Hopefully I get SOME sort of break and am not paying off loans until I'm 50. =\
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  • GroovyGeekGroovyGeek 837 replies52 threads Member
    NYU does NOT commit to meeting the full demonstrated need. Other, better endowed, schools do. FinAid does not equal grants. It is some combination of grants, work-study, and low-interest loans.

    I think that if they want you, with $13k annual income they will make sure that you have zero out-of-pocket expenses to attend. You may have to graduate with a moderate loan burden.

    P.S. Having lived on income ranging from $6k/year to 6 figures/year, I admire the people who manage to make ends meet with modest means, and raise their kids to respect and love school work. I have always been a big fan of taking into account socio-economic circumstances (but not race or ethnicity) in admissions decisions, despite the fact that such preferences may affect my D's chances of admission
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  • adriennevyadriennevy 222 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I know I for sure will not get a full ride, but there's a difference between paying off loans until I'm 30 and paying them off until I'm 50, haha.
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  • richmerinorichmerino 94 replies8 threads Junior Member
    id say with an incomce of less than 20k expect to pay about 8-10k/year which is considerally cheaper than 50k....
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