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Steinhardt junior/transfer/Welcome Week Leader who wants to help!

missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
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Hi! I also posted this in the NYU 2013 board.

my name is Jess. i am a junior, native new yorker, welcome week leader here at NYU.

my primary major is media/culture/communications in the steinhardt school of culture, education and human development. my second major is politics in CAS.

i transferred to NYU after being rejected early decision in 2005. i arrived at NYU spring of 2008.

i am a trained welcome week leader and secretary of the transfer students association.

i want to help, so i'm willing to answer any questions people might have about NYU or NYC.

(note: i'm not familiar with tisch or stern by any means. my roommates are in gallatin, my best friend is in CAS. i know my own school best.)

i really just want to help, since i found CC helpful when i was applying.
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Replies to: Steinhardt junior/transfer/Welcome Week Leader who wants to help!

  • radio rabbitradio rabbit 165 replies25 threads Junior Member
    How do your roommates find gallatin? Also, if this isn't too personal what are they "majoring" in?
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  • radio rabbitradio rabbit 165 replies25 threads Junior Member
    By the way thanks for being so considerate to start a thread like this :)
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    they LOVE LOVE LOVE gallatin. (i just went next door and asked her, and my roommate last year was a gallatin student as well.) in gallatin, you say you have a "concentration" in something.

    my current roommate has a concentration in creative writing and psychology. she loves all of her classes and she has an editing internship right now. she says she loves the freedom that she has and her small classes.

    my ex-roommate graduated last december and was concentrated in photography and creative writing. she said what she loved best was the supportive staff and that she was able to write AND create art. she interned at an art gallery and went to prague to study photography and architecture there.

    my current roommate is terrified of her colloquium, though. she has to "defend" her concentration and demonstrate what she learned over the last four years. ex-roommate talked about her writing and made a bunch of art installations with photography. current roommate is going to talk about short fiction authors.

    does that help?
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  • hunter23hunter23 13 replies8 threads New Member
    how easy it to transfer from CAS undecided to Steindhart music business?
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  • OhboiOhboi 1029 replies90 threads Senior Member
    Do remember your stats back when you were declined? I'm curious to know.
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    [this is copy pasted from a post i made when i was originally applying.]

    i applied for CAS 2012, psychology.


    93 GPA
    190/935 rank
    670V 570M 550W
    680 SAT Lit 570 US History

    Asian female in NYC public school in competitive Honors program with a liberal arts based concentration. Focus on Humanities (art/music/Latin).

    Three APs (US History, Bio and English Lit)
    Accelerated Honors program. Spanish/Latin foreign language.
    My only flaw is math...I have really bad math grades that completely bring down my GPA.

    Four years symphonic orchestra (trumpet). *First chair.
    Two years marching band. (Competitive marching band and community work.)
    Two years Mock Trial.
    Two years Model United Nations.
    One year Moot Court.
    One year SING! orchestra.

    National Latin Exam Certificate of Recognition on Latin 1 exam.
    Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Award for Excellence on the Verbal SAT. (freshman year.)

    Summer Activities:
    Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth Summer Programs:
    2003: The Crafting of Poetry at Skidmore College
    2004: International Relations at Skidmore College
    (I did two more years, but they were in middle school and don't count. -tear-)
    2005: Volunteering at Public Library Reading room
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member

    it's generally easier to go from small school to big school. i don't know how competitive the music business major really is (my friend transferred from a music school (piano performance major) and had a perfect 4.0 and was generally insane).

    if you think you want to do music business, i would apply to steinhardt because you're competing with less people. it's very easy to internal transfer to CAS.
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  • OhboiOhboi 1029 replies90 threads Senior Member

    was 93 your weighted or unweighted average?
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member

    i think that was unweighted, i honestly don't remember now. of course, when i graduated, my gpa was higher and my class rank went up.
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  • radio rabbitradio rabbit 165 replies25 threads Junior Member
    Thanks americanpie!

    I was just curious because my college counselor is recommending Gallatin ahead of Tisch (although I disagree with her, personally) however I did want to get a personal perspective on it. Thanks!
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  • NufoNufo 50 replies19 threads Junior Member
    MissAmericanPie -- are night classes available for the Media, Culture and Communications program? Which fields of study did you choose? Is Steinhardt by Washington Square?

    Thanks so muchhhhh!
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member

    There aren't that many night classes for MCC, no. Most classes are during the day before 4PM, and there are very few at night.

    I did Images and the Screen and Global Communication.

    Yes, it's on the Washington Square campus.
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  • who-knewwho-knew 57 replies30 threads Junior Member
    Very good of you to reach out. Our D is also looking to transfer after initial rejection at NYU last year (CAS). Now very interested in Stern--also has math as a weakness. We attended the Fall Open House and got the feeling that admission to Steinhardt was very realistic for Sept of soph year. Any general thoughts on that? Did you look for campus housing as transfer or live home/apt? It seems the decisions must be very late (June??) and that getting NYU housing is unlikely. Seems like very high % of women in Steinhardt--is that due to education major? D is very interested in media and not ed. at all. Thanks again.
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member

    wow! a lot of questions! i hope i get them all!

    Steinhardt is a smaller school, so while the individual chance of getting in is greater, your "competition" is a lot more accomplished. when i looked around the room at my fellow Media transfers, i realized almost all of them were like me; very high GPAs, very accomplished, very determined to get in.

    I lived on campus. when I received my packet, I was told that transfers are guaranteed housing for the rest of their NYU career if they accept the housing offer. many transfers live on campus, a majority of them in Lafayette Street (Chinatown) or 26th Street.

    i transferred in spring, so YMMV when it comes to fall housing.

    transfer decisions are kind of late. however, transfer housing for the spring worked in that for the first semester the transfer has no "real" choice of room. they are put in any room in the dorm they choose where there is a vacancy. for example, my first semester, i was in a room with three other girls; the fourth had gone abroad to Ghana.

    now. . .Steinhardt Media, Culture and Communications:

    yes, there is a very high number of women in my program. that's largely because NYU itself is something like 60/40 women to men. (i've heard even higher ratios.) media is popular at NYU because many women want to go into public relations. and we are very good at getting people into PR. many of my classmates are interning at high profile companies. i'm talking the likes of Vogue, Chanel, Louis Vouitton, NBC, Comedy Central, etc.

    the program itself is based on cultural studies. now, if your D wants to do either, i highly recommend Steinhardt's program. we do a LOT of cultural studies. we analyze media in terms of what it says to us about what our culture and society holds important. we have some very accomplished faculty.

    i concentrated on images and the screen/global and transcultural communications.

    my personal goals are not clear yet. i would love to go to graduate school for media. i'm a double major in politics right now because that it something else that interests me.

    these are the classes i've taken so far besides the four core media classes:

    advertising and society (a historic and critical look at advertising from the 1900s to 1960s)
    the culture industries (how media is produced)
    war as media (war, death and the media. particularly 9/11 and the iraq war)
    media and global communications (globalization of media)
    video games: culture and history (video games as new upcoming media, video games as critical media artifact)

    i'm taking Chinese right now in the hope to go to Shanghai abroad with Steinhardt's program in 2010.

    if you want your D to appear more competitive, i would say for her to hold off one semester and transfer mid-year if she can. i firmly believe that spring admissions are a tiny bit less competitive than fall; many people are hesitant to transfer mid-year, but i was willing to take the chance.
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  • who-knewwho-knew 57 replies30 threads Junior Member
    Very helpful info-- many thanks.
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I want to put this out there.

    While I'm not going to deny that I asked for "chances" when I was younger, I want to say upfront that I'm very uncomfortable being asked to "chance" people. I honestly don't know, and NYU admissions ARE holistic.

    I went through Admissions Ambassador training recently (got cut in the final round) and after going through NYU training, I don't feel comfortable telling prospective students their "chances" to get into the university.

    I want to help as much as I can, but I just don't feel comfortable telling you your "chances"- because I have no clue!
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    bumping for all the new NYUers;

    i can answer questions about NY, housing and NYU in general.

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  • OhboiOhboi 1029 replies90 threads Senior Member
    i don't apply to NYU until next yr, but have you seen inside the 12th street dorm?
    and how do you feel about goddard and rubin?
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  • sillyworldsillyworld 183 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I just want to ask that if you study abroad for freshman year, how will housing work if you enter sophomore year in NYU?

    Are we guaranteed housing in any of the dorms or do they give you a more limited choice/pick your dorm for you?

    How will roommates work? Do we have a pick of our roommates? Will my roommates be the ones I studied abroad with?

    Thank you so much. I've seen your posts around CC and they ARE really helpful. :)
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  • FredekaFredeka 11 replies0 threads New Member
    hii! i just got accepted to steinhardt for music performance, like the other day! i'm going to be a freshman next year, but, probably like many others, my main concern is that going to nyu is very expensive, and i won't be able to afford it without a ton of finaid. =/

    i haven't gotten any news on finaid yet, since i learned that i was accepted from one of those accepted student day invitations, but what's your experience on the financial situations of most nyu students?
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