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advise wanted

Rmac2188Rmac2188 376 replies36 threads Member
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Hi, i'm a junior and am trying to form my college list. I've done some visiting and a lot of research and am pretty sure that NYU is my first choice. My visit was amazing; I loved the city, the school, the atmosphere - everything about it seemed to "click". I'm hesitant to apply ED, however, because if i don't get any financial aid, it'll be really difficult for me to go. If i apply RD, given the information that i have now, how do you think i'll fare in the admissions process? It'd be to CAS, a major in political science or english. I want to eventually go law school. I'm a white male from a pretty competitive public school in PA.

SAT I: 2230 (780cr, 710m, 740w). This was my first shot and i'm retaking in june. I'm expecting to increase between 50 and 100 points.
SAT II: Will take US History and Math IIc in October, 750+ in both.
GPA: 3.66uw, 4.2w - top 15 percent of 703
Courseload: Schedule has definitely increased in difficulty. Reasonably difficult schedule freshman year, but hardest sophomore, junior and senior year. 10 APs by graduation. I'm getting a C in honors chemistry this year - will this have a big impact on my decision?

I am actively involved in many ECs on both the school and national levels. I have a few leadership positions at school, such as VP of German Club, Treasurer of Political Science Club, Head Delegate for MUN, Treasurer of FBLA.

During the summers, i have done some very unique volunteer-type work while working 40 h/w. This summer, i'll continue with the "unique volunteer-type work" while working 40 h/w at one job and part time (15-20 h/w) at another. Will also attend NYLC - I know this has very little effect on my college app., but it looks really interesting.

Do i seem to be on the right track? What should I be doing to increase my odds? Any recommendations at all would be amazing. Thanks a lot!
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  • BRWNEYES87BRWNEYES87 132 replies31 threads Junior Member
    well...your gpa is ur main weak point, work on that. also, u may want to consider some more leadership positions in ur next year.

    i am also planning to go to nyu to major in english lit and then go to law school; hopefully also at nyu (top 4)! woot!

    i heard that nyu gives financial aid preference to ED applicants, so i think u should apply, and apply for scholarships outside of nyu.

    good luck, i am the class of 09, so hopefully ill see u next year, as ure the class of '10

    p.s. advice is spelled a-d-v-i-c-e NOT a-d-v-i-s-e...lol


    also make sure to take tons of ap's
    i think u will fare well, but it is often very difficult to say as nyu is getting more selective (exponentially) by the year

    ED is a good idea....in my opinion
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  • angelnikki1angelnikki1 458 replies52 threads Member
    You can be released from your ED agreement if you are not offered a sufficient financial aid package. As a graduating high school senior, I would also recommend applying early because it is so much better to know where you're going in december and not having to fill out a pile of other applications for schools you will ultimately not attend.
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  • Rmac2188Rmac2188 376 replies36 threads Member
    OK, awesome. I tried to change 'advise' to 'advice', but for some reason it didn't change in the list of subject, but it is spelled correctly once you click on thread. Sorry :)

    I realize that gpa is my biggest weak point - the problem with my class rank is that it is based on my weighted GPA, which is messed up because of my choice of classes freshman year. If you take out non-academic classes, my GPA actually goes up (3.71 UW, possibly higher). As I said, I'll have taken 10 APs by the time i graduate, which is the most that anyone in my grade will have taken. I do have additional leadership positions, but i thought those listed were the most relevant to my major. For example, I presented a camp for teens with down syndrome at which i am a counselor for one week each summer at the National Down Syndrome Congress in Minnesota last year, and will do the same in California this year.

    I forgot to mention something huge: I've been studying drums and percussion for 11 years and have been playing professionally for four. I have performed and recorded in rock, funk, and big bands, and am proficient in jazz. If i go to NYU, i'll continue my studies at the Drummer's Collective in New York.

    My scores really should increase - in June, i expect my math and writing both to be very close to 800. It also wouldn't be too surprising if i scored an 800 on both of my SAT IIs. If this happens, will it increase my chances of admission?

    I didn't know you could pull out of ED if the financial aid package wasn't sufficient - I guess that's what i will do.

    Does this change anything?
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  • BRWNEYES87BRWNEYES87 132 replies31 threads Junior Member
    you seem like such a nice person (with the down syndrome camp). you really deserve to get in! i think that you will get in, especially if you apply early decision. what i would say is....stop messaging at college confidential (as i did my junior year---and what wasted a lot of time). just sit back, study and GOOOOOD luck. i hope to see you next year...i have a really good feeling (according to your information) that i will see you.

    with those increasing scores, and the fact that you are taking more aps than anyone in your school, should help you.

    also, nyu likes a diverse student body. with your specific qualities, i think you will get in...

    once again good luck to you NYU class of 2010!
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  • jwbluejwblue 1016 replies12 threads Senior Member
    I concur with everyone here. If NYU is indeed your first choice, you'd be wise to apply ED--it will give you the best shot at getting in and the best scholarship package.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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  • Rmac2188Rmac2188 376 replies36 threads Member
    Thanks a lot! I'm gonna disappear for a while, but I'll be back when I'm working on my app (probably for early decision).
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