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chance at stern?????

The WitznessThe Witzness 280 replies47 threads Member
edited June 2005 in New York University
hey can someone tell me what they think my chance at stern in RD is?
I am very itnerested in business and would like to major in finance


SAT: 2140 ( 680 V 710 M 750 W)
SAT II: ( i am re-taking in October) but currently MathIc: 690 U.S 680 BIOe 680 ( looking to get those to 700-750 range, highly attainable)
GPA:3.9 UW 4.2 W
Courseload: 12 AP Classes through High School, the rest are Honors
Rank: Top 10/ 430

President of Senior Class
President of National Honor Society
President of Wall Street Investors Club
President of Spanish Honor Society
Business Honor Society Member
Committee Chair of Model UN
Arts & Entertainment Editor of School Paper
Captain/President of Federal Challenge Team ( Economics Competition)
Peer Leadership Member(10,11,12)
Community Service Club Member(9,10,11,12)
Varsity Football (12) Junior Varsity Football (9)
Varsity Spring Track (10-12), Town's Travel Soccer (4 years)

4-time Scholar Athlete Recipient
Recipient of John Hopkins University Mathematics and Verbal Talent Search State Award
School's Excellence in Business Award
Scattered School Awards

Tutoring through Spanish and National Honor Society
Community Service Time through various clubs
Working on a project to send money to aid poverty in Colombia
Worked as a waiter for 2 months over the Summer in Pennsylvania

Location: NY suburb
Race: White


Founder and President of my own Record Label/Music Management Company (Authentica Inc.)
- I myself am a singer and rapper so i have prouduced music for myself as well as other bands and have promoted these acts, packaged cd's, worked on the marketing and selling of said products and so on( I would try to use this as a unique thing i do in an essay and stress its importance to me)
- Also I was admitted into a presitigous gifted school that only allows only 15 kids per grade(up to 8th grade), im told its looked very highly upon by colleges

Please Any Advice is Appreciated
edited June 2005
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Replies to: chance at stern?????

  • The WitznessThe Witzness 280 replies47 threads Member
    anybody please
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  • The WitznessThe Witzness 280 replies47 threads Member
    come on no replies
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  • CardinalCardinal 141 replies7 threads Junior Member
    your SAT scores are a little below average, but I really like the whole record label thing. I'm sure that will help you out a lot if you focus in on it. Also, with the gifted school, did you actually attend? If not, to be frank, nobody cares. Shoulda coulda woulda is not the same as did. All in all, I think you have a good chance right now, a great chance if you can get your SAT scores up into all 700s.
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  • The WitznessThe Witzness 280 replies47 threads Member
    yeah Cardinal i should have made that more clear, I attended for 7 years. I dont know if i am going to retake the SAT's. I may try my luck at the ACT. Do you suggest this or no?
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  • CardinalCardinal 141 replies7 threads Junior Member
    oh okay, in that case that should help then. dunno about the ACTs, never took them, but I would study for the SATs and take them one more time. Even like a 20 point improvement on verbal and math would help you out a lot.
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  • dilo2330dilo2330 139 replies6 threads Junior Member
    taking the act cant hurt it brought me from an 1190 on the SAT to an SAT equivalent of 1350 and i got in regular to stern. the only thing with the ACT is that it is more of a marathon test than the SAT. If you cant take tests quickly and answer questions with accuracy then dont bother with the ACT. If you do take the ACT my tip would be to sit next to a hot girl. This will be a gentle reprive from the test while taking it, if you cant stop thinking about the test during the breaks you're toast.
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  • The WitznessThe Witzness 280 replies47 threads Member
    haha i think i can take tests fast
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    i bombed the ACT. i got a 1410 on the SAT then took the ACT and got an equivalent of an 1150. i agree that it was a really fast paced test. i think i just got tired by the end. if i were you, i would just take the SAT again because you already know what to expect and your score is more likely to go up than down. whereas if you take the ACT you have no clue what to expect and could end up wasting your time like i did.
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