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chance of getting into NYU through HEOP?

Stacks101Stacks101 80 replies7 threads Junior Member
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I've been wanting to go to NYU since the 6th grade. It's my dream school and plus it's located in Greenwich Village- one of the best parts of Manhattan. But i don't think i can get in through regular admissions since my grades and SAT scores aren't up to par. So basically im planning on enrolling through HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program) which basically helps academically and financially "disadvantaged" students get into the college. My GPA is about a 90/100 in which I've taken only 3 AP's, and 2 college classes. i also took Chemistry and Im taking Pre-calc this senior year. I've done numerous extracurricular activities, and let's just say my SAT score is between 1000-1200 (CR+Math). I'm also a minority. what are my chances?
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Replies to: chance of getting into NYU through HEOP?

  • milkandsugarmilkandsugar 2842 replies27 threads Senior Member
    You have a good chance if you do well in school. Your admission application still has to be competitive. The only difference is that they allow for lower SAT scores. You still need to keep your GPA up, do ECs and any community service/volunteer. Make sure your schedule is as rigorous as you can, taking challenging classes. Also, get very good letters of recommendation and do a really good essay. Good luck.
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  • NyJeoNyJeo 211 replies18 threads Junior Member
    I got into NYU though HEOP this year. I actually start school July 5th lol for the summer program.

    If you apply Early Decision and on the "additional information" sheet you put "Please consider me for HEOP"- you have a very good chance of getting in.

    If NYU is not your first choice then you still got a very good chance.

    Remember HEOP doesn't have their own application. You just apply on the regular application.

    My GPA was about 88-90 avg and 1600 SAT score. I think 1100 CR+M. I got in early decision.
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  • Stacks101Stacks101 80 replies7 threads Junior Member
    oh ok thanks. yeah i do have a pretty good resume in terms of EC's and my GPA will definitely go up. And thanks for the advice, I'll write on top of the additional info sheet if i could be considred for HEOP.
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  • juliumjulium 4 replies0 threads New Member
    your financial background is also heavily considered for HEOP.
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