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Chances for Stern

ElasticityElasticity 277 replies82 threads Member
edited June 2009 in New York University
So I'm going to be a senior this year, and I'd like some opinions on my chances

Gender: M
Race: Chinese
Location: Competitive public school in texas

SAT I: 2000- not going to send it

ACT: 33 composite
30 second time, retaking in Sept hopefully for a 34+

SAT II: Math Level II-760; us history-670 (retaking for 700+)

GPA: 3.82 unweighted, 4.23 weighted
Rank: 56/960 but will probably be top 45 beginning senior year
Schedule: Most rigorous, 11 AP completed by senior year

DECA- (11,12) VP- Went to nationals in Accounting Applications
Students Organizing Community Outreach (11,12)- Secretary
Will likely start a ping pong club this year and I have several table tennis awards
Youth group at my temple(9,10,11,12) help with various community activities
Habitat for Humanity(11,12)
member of Mu Alpha Theta(11,12)

Volunteer at an assisted living facility(11,12)
Volunteer at my city's therapeutic recreation for kids(9,10,11,12)

And I skipped tenth grade, don't know how they view that.
Any suggestions appreciated
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Replies to: Chances for Stern

  • NuclearPakistan1NuclearPakistan1 1241 replies44 threads Senior Member
    They might not view you as skipping 10th grade positively. They might question the nature of that program. Everything looks fine though. RD is much harder than ED.
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  • plasma99plasma99 110 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I thought that if you send SAT II scores your SAT I scores will be lumped in there and sent as well.
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  • missamericanpiemissamericanpie 2140 replies39 threads Senior Member
    i disagree with Pakistan. i don't think they will view you skipping a grade as a negative only because the rest of your application is strong. 11 APs, good class rank, solid ECs, all while skipping a grade. it isn't like you skipped junior year.

    the only thing i'll ask is that being a year younger. . .are you ready to live in NYC and go to NYU? have you visited the campus yet? i'm not doubting your maturity. the only reason i bring it up is because some freshmen find NYC overwhelming, and you'll be a year younger than everyone else. if you haven't visited NYU, i highly recommend you do.
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