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nyu dreaming?

ihopihop 24 replies5 threads New Member
edited June 2005 in New York University
I just finished my first year at Goucher college in Baltimore, Md. I would say that my first year experience at goucher was so-so at best. I made friends and was involved in school and stuff like that. But after reflecting on the past school year,. I'm considering transferring because I never really felt comfortable in the Goucher environment, and going back makes me feel kind of nauseous. I'd love to transfer to a school in a big city a more well known one (as bad as that sounds). My potential major is communications or prelaw or both.

In my opinion, I think I'd have a tough time transfering because of my stats from high school and at goucher.

Here are my high school stats:
Cum GPA: 2.8
1170 SAT (600 math)
a few AP classes. Not spectacular AP test scores.

GPA by year:
Frosh: 2.14
Soph: 3.14
Junior: 2.77
Senior: 2.98

Lettered in 3 sports
Newspaper staff (3 yrs)
Student gov't (2 years)
ecology club (4 years)
over 300 hrs of community service
(soup kitchen, camp counseling (inner city youth), and environmental stuff)

At Goucher here are my grades for each semester:
First semester
Intro to Biology- Withdrawl
Principles of Chemistry I- No Pass
Principles of Chem I: Lab- Pass
Academic Writing I: - B
World Without Frontiers, World Without Fears- B+
Connections, First Year Experience- P (pass no/ pass grade only)
GPA: 3.14

Second Semester:
Design Fundamentals - A
Intro to Comm Studies- A
Academic Writing II - A
Topics in Contemp Math- B-
Sociological Imagination - B-
GPA: 3.5 (DEAN'S LIST) dean's list is 3.5 for freshman.

CUM GPA first year: 3.41

I was also house president for my dorm building.

So if you're wondering why I floundered in my science classes, it was because I thought I might want to do something science related with my life, but I soon realized that science was not my thing (and it was more of a pressure thing from family *cough* doctor *cough*).

This summer I'm currently a business development intern at an internet company and am taking a nutrition class at a community college to catch up on credits and help fix my poor science grades... or lack of. how bad would NYU look upon withdrawls and no pass grade?

The first school that comes to mind of where I'd love to transfer to is NYU. However, I don't see myself as someone who would be accepted into NYU, but there is always that little glimmer of hope inside of me, the same hope everyone has in themselves when they really want something but know that the odds are against them. I was hoping someone on this board could give me some advice on my situation.

edited June 2005
6 replies
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Replies to: nyu dreaming?

  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    In my opinion, NYU is probably a reach for you. Your HS GPA and SAT are kind of low, and your college GPA is not that great either..no offense, just being honest. Also, it's harder to transfer than get in as a freshmen. You should certainly still take a shot and apply since you never know, but you have to be realistic as well. If you have some kind of hook like minority background, athletic talent or alumni/legacy connections, that will help you a lot.

    Just my 2 cents.
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  • ihopihop 24 replies5 threads New Member
    well i'm asian... i don't know if that will help though.
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  • askaboutNYUaskaboutNYU 120 replies4 threads Junior Member
    It's not lookin good
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  • gexxmangexxman 581 replies1 threads Member
    Even if you did get accepted, do you think you would you would be able to handle the academic rigor NYU would entail? Since you are applying to a college much higher in the ranks, the work ain't going to be any easier.

    I really don't want to be mean, but at college you still haven't proven that you've matured enough from high school to handle the academic rigor of a prestigious 4 year university. While I don't want to shoot down your hopes and dreams (NYU is my dream school too!), you really need to bring up your grades to show that you really can maintain a decent GPA.
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  • Da Lil JKiddDa Lil JKidd 32 replies1 threads Junior Member
    yeah. I'd say being asian is definately a minus rather than a plus when it comes to admissions...unfortunately...
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    haha ya asians really arent considered minorities anymore at the major schools.
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