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aignamaignam 320 replies47 threads Member
edited June 2005 in New York University
Likely to apply early decision.

New Jersey Blue-Ribbon Public School
GPA: 3.7 weighted
I'm a Junior now, and this is my first year taking slightly below the most challenging courses offered: (Regular Precalculus, Honors Spanish V, AP Biology, AP Lang/Comp, AP USII, Honors Web Design)
PSAT: V 80 M 56 W 66 (96th percentile)
SATI Scores: CR 680 M 640 W 790 (Perfect MC, 10 Essay)
SATII Scores: US History 710 [Biology E 700 Math Level 1 700 Literature 700]
[] denotes projected
AP Tests: Language and Composition, Biology, US History (4/5s expected.)

Extracurricular Interests


• 2002-2004 - member on National Champion FIRST Robotics Team #25 – Raider Robotics - 10-15 hours per week
Freshman Year: Head of Scouting
Sophomore Year: Lead Robot Driver, Head of Scouting, Webmaster
• 2004-2005 - member on FIRST Robotics Team #1257 – Parallel Universe – 10-15 hours per week
Junior Year: Head of Scouting
• 2004-Current - President/Founder of the Student Medical Association – 2 hours per week
• 2004-Current - member of Future Business Leaders of America – 2 hours per week
Junior Year: Webmaster, Received Top Honors in the Technology Concepts competition at the North-Central Regional
• 2002-Current - Staff Writer for “The Banner”, a student-written and published newspaper – 1 hour per week
• 2005 - PSAT/NMSQT Commended Student
• 2005-Current - Member of the North Brunswick Township High School National Honors Society
• 2005 - Poem "Portrait of a Nation" published in a fairly-large anthology


• Summer 2004 - 50+ hours of community service running a “Lego Camp” at a local church for middle school students
• Spring 2005 - 5+ hours of community service at Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen


• 2001-2004 - Summer employment at an Internist/Infectious Disease Specialist’s Office – 40 hours per week
• 2004-Current - Creator/Owner/Operator of a browser-based massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, entitled Cru’en’tus, written in HTML and PHP – 5-10 hours per week

Also of Interest

• Father is a donating alumnus
• Brother attends NYU Graduate School
• 2 cousins attended NYU Undergraduate
• 1 cousin attended NYU Law School
edited June 2005
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Replies to: Chances...

  • EnjoiEnjoi . 236 replies6 threads Junior Member
    You have no chance at NYU. Sorry, you are not qualified enough. Perhaps community college?
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  • aignamaignam 320 replies47 threads Member
    So any helpful responses?
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    i think your gpa may be a little low. most people i know who have gotten into nyu have at least a 4.0 weighted. you have a lot of ec's tho which is good. your test scores are acceptable, but arent gonna help you get in. cousins who attend NYU doesnt give you any bonus points... i think only siblings and parents. this is your first yr taking AP's? hrm...

    what school are u applying to because that makes a big difference?
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  • aignamaignam 320 replies47 threads Member
    Update, by the way:
    AP Biology: 3
    AP English: 4
    AP US History: 5


    Thanks for the help and honesty ;-)
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    i think you have a chance at CAS... i was gonna say you might have trouble with Stern. I would tell you to write some bomb essays, but ive heard from many that nyu doesn't pay much attention to your admission essays... only the short answer that they give as a supplement to the common app is what they read. I only had spanish ap: 4 and physics ap: 4 when i applied....because i took 3 ap's my senior yr.... so you are better off than me in that area plus you have a lot more ec's than me. anyways, good luck!!!
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  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    Your 3.7W GPA is kind of low. Being a legacy will certainly help you. I'd say it's a toss up.
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  • jasmine117jasmine117 23 replies9 threads New Member
    what is your unweighted gpa?
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  • NJ1grlcrusNJ1grlcrus 182 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Don't let the others get ya down, apply ED if ya really want to attend, and you have a good shot, if you get turned down ED, you have the legacy thing workin for ya
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  • Da Lil JKiddDa Lil JKidd 32 replies1 threads Junior Member
    It's not that bad aignam. I slacked off really badly my last two years of high school and had a 3.57 GPA applying RD to Stern. I still got in.
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  • nirvana33nirvana33 357 replies24 threads Member
    I think you have a great chance if you apply ED. Its a private school that loves to swindle families of their money so the legacy thing will help immensely ;D

    I actually think essays do count a great deal.. NYU prides itself on being original and diverse, so they'll really be looking at character. Personally, I think your GPA is fine for CAS, as I got in RD with a similar GPA.
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