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Big Housing Problem

ineedcolumbiaineedcolumbia 56 replies52 threads Junior Member
edited June 2005 in New York University
I'm wondering about some of the dorms being so far away from WSP and the main classrooms. 26th St.? That's more than ten blocks away! I've heard the dorm quality is good, but one post said 26th st., Lafayette, and Third North are not very good.
If there are any current students or others who really know, is the distance a problem? What is the best overall house? We can start a ranking.
Finally, are freshmen required to live in certain houses first year?
edited June 2005
7 replies
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Replies to: Big Housing Problem

  • NJ1grlcrusNJ1grlcrus 182 replies1 threads Junior Member

    there are secific freshman dorms, and they are the ones closest to WSP
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    university hall and third north are the really far freshmen dorms. im from california where we dont walk much at all....and the walk from those dorms to WSP was not THAT bad when i visited. i mean, i could see how it could be a pain sometimes, but it really wasnt that far. UHall and third north are apartment style dorms (which is something i dont prefer) but if you like apt style, then those dorms are really nice.
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  • CardinalCardinal 141 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Housing will not be a problem for you guys. Unfortunately it is for us ('08). The freshmen dorms are all centrally located and most are very nice. I lived in third north, the walk is really not that bad, ten minutes for most of your classes, the farthest i ever walked was 15 minutes to the law school. Currently, many upperclassmen (especially sophmores) were shoved out to 26th street and university court (25th st.) because of lack of room in closer dorms. Also, although water street is far (and gorgeous), as far as NYU is concerned, it's a black hole that sucks up cash, and the lease expires in two years and will not be renewed. For the rising frosh, they are implementing a program to build "community" where sophmores will either have priority for dorm choice or be given Union Square (Palladium, Carlyle, Coral, 13th st...basically the best dorms NYU has). So don't worry about housing and forgive me for sounding a bit bitter.
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  • hhhuanghhhuang 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    i have friends that roomed in 3rd north this past year, and they said the walk was really no big deal. in fact, it just blended in with the NYC lifestyle. If you live in NYC, you're goign to be expected to walk a little bit anyways. subways only take you so close to your destinations. apparently, we'll "all get used to it"
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  • NYUGirlie2009NYUGirlie2009 54 replies11 threads Junior Member
    so with all the walking that we are going to be doing...is the "freshman 15" really a big problem????
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    haha probably not
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  • hhhuanghhhuang 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    my friend said that she would have gained so much weight had she not walked the distance that she did every day :P
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