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Med_TMudsMed_TMuds - 159 replies78 threads Junior Member
edited July 2005 in New York University
Of those three schools, which do you think is the best overall experience. I was wondering which schools you would choose.
Please discuss..

1.) Pre-med life
2.) Overall social life/scence
3.) Grade Inflation? Great Curves?
4.) Any major rules.. UND has curfew I hear..
5.) Fin Aid Package satisfaction..?
6.) Med School Acceptance rate..?
7.) The town environment

edited July 2005
43 replies
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  • jwbluejwblue 1016 replies12 threads Senior Member
    1. Pre-med is tough anywhere you go.

    2. Depends what you're looking for, what kind of location/atmosphere you want.

    3. "Pre-med and grade inflation" is an oxymoron. However, other parts of NYU are notorious for grade inflation. As a general rule, private schools have more grade inflation than state schools, so you could rule out UMich in this respect. I'm not sure about Notre Dame.

    4. No sort of curfew at NYU.

    5. If you're in-state at UMich, the answer is obvious. If not, you can only compare packages.

    6. NYU's med school placement is pretty solid. It's the top feeder to NYU Medical School and many other schools in NY as well. Also remember, it's mostly based on your GPA and MCAT score. UMich being a state school is larger than NYU and will probably pay less attention to it's pre-meds. NYU and UMich both have med. schools and hospital systems where you can have research opps., ND does not.

    7. See #2, it depends on what you're looking for.
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    i dont know much, but the one thing i have heard a lot of people complain about at UMich is how cold it is. i guess cuz its so far north? ive had friends who are from boston and new york go to umich and complain nonstop about the cold and the enormous amounts of snow up there. if you dont like cold.... then umich is definitely not the place for you
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  • nirvana33nirvana33 357 replies24 threads Member
    Do you like/play sports? Umich and Notre Dame both have superior sports programs, and NYU basically has a non-existant one. Thats my huge gripe about NYU...I love pretty much everything about it, except that there is not nearly as much school spirit as I want in a college.
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  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    I'd narrow it down to NYU and Notre Dame if I were you since they are more selective and will have higher quality people there than a state school like Michigan. I'll be at NYU in the fall, and I applied to UMich only as a safety. UMich is known to pretty much take anyone, even though I'm out of state for Michigan, the acceptance rate from my high school to UMich was perfect, and thus very unimpressive. I never considered Notre Dame, I'm not sure it would be for a WASP like me but it's still a good school.

    If you're pre-med, I'm sure NYU and Manhattan in general will provide you with plenty of research and science related internship opps.
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  • nirvana33nirvana33 357 replies24 threads Member
    Not true, ABirch III... I'll be attending NYU in the fall as well, and I also applied to Michigan (out-of-state) earlier this year. I didn't get accepted, and neither did many of my high school freinds (who all ended up at either UC-Berkeley, USC, or one of the lesser ivys).

    I wouldn't describe Michigan students as "lower quality people" in comparison to those at NYU or Notre Dame. Its bigger and lends preference to in-state applicants, but also arguably the second-best public school in the nation with a wealth of great academic programs all ranked among the top ten in the country.

    Med_TMuds, I think you should try and personally visit all three schools and do some research before choosing between them. They're all great schools, but have quite a few differences.
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    ya i agree with ABirch.... Umich's acceptance rate at my school is 100% and i go to a public high school in california. i know its supposed to be like the 2nd best public university, but can it really be that good if they accept that many ppl? also i think the student body at UMich is almost 40,000 which is HUGE!!! NYU is like 14,000.
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  • ReninDetroitReninDetroit 1020 replies73 threads Senior Member
    Stop dissing UMich - second best public school in the country is pretty damn good. I'd say Michigan is a better school than Notre Dame, and considering ND doesn't even have a medical school, it seems like Michigan would be a naturally better choice.

    I go to a competitive private school (in state) and about 80% of the applicants get accepted. BUT - the basic reputation in state is that MSU is where normal kids go, the LAC's (albion, adrian, hope, aquinas) are where losers go, Western, Central and Eastern are where dumb kids go, and Michigan is where SMART people go. Basically, even in state kids at public school have to have 3.8ish or above to get in.

    I'd say get rid of Notre Dame and pick between UMich and NYU. Ann Arbor is surprisingly cosmopolitan, probably the most urban area in Michigan even though it has just 150,000 people. It has more of a "campus" than NYU does, even though it's blended very well with the city of Ann Arbor.
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  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    Nobody is "dissing" UMich, these are just the facts, it's not very selective. Everyone from my out of state HS got into UMich, and pretty much everyone turned it down (it's meant to be a safety, guidence even knows this). I also know someone who turned down UMich LSA for NYU GSP, that should tell you something right there.

    I don't know about your experiences Nirvana, I only speak for my high school. You should remember that UMich has rolling admissions, so it makes sense to apply early and not late, but then again, what kind of a selective school practices ROLLING admissions?
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  • BigRed25BigRed25 541 replies36 threads Member
    vanessaAnne: mich has an undergrad body of around 24-25 thousand, nyu: 19-20 thousand. nyu has a ton of grad students though i think there are more grad than undergrad students.

    i also don't think it's fair that many of you are saying "well everyone i knew got accepted, so that means michigan is not as good." how many people do you kno? there are plenty of kids who didn't get in from all over the country. mich has a high acceptance rate b/c their applicant pool is not that large compared to their school size (24 thousand applicants a year). I was almost going to go to michigan over nyu except that i wanted to stay in the city after school and find a job in business (even though michigan's bus school is no slouch). I'll tell you this, if I wasn't studying business at nyu i'd go to michigan in a heart beat.

    To the OP:
    1.) Pre-med life - agree with jwblue that premed is hard anywhere you go, well hard to do well in.
    and in regards to medical school, michigan is top 10 in the country whereas nyu isn't even in the top 25. ND doesn't have a med school i dont think.
    2.) Overall social life/scence - manhattan offers an unparelled social scene. however michigan's social scene is no slouch either. it has great clubs and restaurants around ann arbor.
    3.) Grade Inflation? Great Curves? - michigan has a terrible grade distribution it's hard to get a good gpa. nyu and ND would probably have easier curves (unless ur in stern at nyu then the curve is hard).
    4.) Any major rules.. UND has curfew I hear.. - can't really say.
    5.) Fin Aid Package satisfaction..? - michigan in state is a no brainer, even out of state its around 37 thousand. nyu with no aid is 45k+ and nd is around 40k a year. NYU, MICH, ND in decreasing order for amount of personal expenses.
    6.) Med School Acceptance rate..? - NYU and MICH i think are both better than ND.
    7.) The town environment - ND and michigan get the nod here b/c nyu isn't located in a town. of course if you are a city person nyu would be the pick here.
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  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    Again, facts don't have to be fair. At my school, EVERYONE who applied to UMich got in, and the same thing happened at Vanessa's. I'll also bet you we're not anamomlies. The GCs at my school regard UMich as a big safety where admission is almost assured as long you're not a complete moron and apply early enough in the rolling admissions cycle. This is well known among many. Even if you account for the fact that I went to a high ranked private school, UMich still has a very high acceptance rate among the overall population (don't know the acceptance rate exactly, but it's over 50% for sure, maybe 70%?). The fact that UMich's applicant pool is small relative to the size reflects on the school, basically the demand for it just isn't there, hence, that's why everybody gets in.
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  • nirvana33nirvana33 357 replies24 threads Member
    Even if the admit rate is higher than most other schools of its caliber, no one can deny that Michigan is a great well-rounded school, and again arguably the second best public school in the country after Berkeley. I don't see what "demand" for the school has anything to do with the education it offers in this case. Are we high school sophomores? We should be over the whole college name brand thing by now, unless you desperately need bragging rights or something.

    If the OP wants to do med, he/she should rule out Notre Dame completely if it doesn't even have a med program as many of the above posters have mentioned. We go to college first and foremost to recieve an education, and it would be incredibly stupid to shell out tens of thousands of dollars per year to attend a school where your department is weak.

    By the way, I'm one of those complete morons who applied fairly early and did not get accepted to Michigan. So I guess I'll have to settle for NYU in the fall.
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  • NYUGirlie2009NYUGirlie2009 54 replies11 threads Junior Member
    i dont even understand HOW u are comparing those schools to nyu...

    NYU is so far above in status and education that i am astonished that u would ask this question, ESPECIALLY for pre-med!!
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  • nirvana33nirvana33 357 replies24 threads Member
    Is NYU really so far above UMich and Notre Dame in status and education? I can't give you a first-hand evaluation on what the quality of education is like at any of the schools (yet), but UMich and Notre Dame rank above NYU in almost every ranking system. Both of these schools have slightly better reputations than NYU in the eyes of many, especially people in the midwest. All three schools are very good overall, so you can't claim that one is far above the others. Personally, I don't know much about the pre-med programs though, but i do know that NYU is more known for the arts, business, and journalism and that almost all of Michigan's programs consistently rank in the top ten of the nation.
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  • BigRed25BigRed25 541 replies36 threads Member
    yea i don't see how anyone can say any of these three schools is better than one another. It depends on what you want to study and what you want in a college. Michigan and Notre Dame offer the traditional college experience while NYU is more of a fast paced school located in probably the greatest city in the world. Speaking of notre dame, i don't think people give the school the credit it deserves. It is an EXCELLENT school, i even think it's ranked ahead of schools such as michigan, uc: berk, and emory.

    i also agree with nirvana that michigan is probably the most well-rounded school of the three and nyu is heavy (meaning extremely good) in business (2nd behind wharton) , the arts, and journalism.
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  • jwbluejwblue 1016 replies12 threads Senior Member
    First off, both are awesome schools, each with their appealing aspects (great city vs. great college football).

    I also think most (not all) of UMich's strength lies at the graduate level, not at the undergraduate schools. NYU has a better UNDERGRAD in my opinion (the Revealed Preferenes data on cross admits to the undergrad would suggest that top students who got accepted to both feel this way since NYU was above UMich in that ranking).

    NYU has an acceptance rate in the 20's (a tad below 30%) while UMich's acceptance rate is in the 60's.

    NYU has a better SAT 75% range (1310-1440 for NYU vs. 1230-1390 for UMich) and a SAT average that is about 65 pts better (1375 vs. 1310).


    That being said, to the OP I say this: Seriously, just go with the school you like the best out of the 3. They are all top schools, it's not like this is Harvard vs. Fourth Tier U. Being pre-med, the most important things for getting into med. school will be your GPA and MCAT. NYU and probably Notre Dame as well have more grade inflation than UMich does, while NYU and UMich will both provide you with a chance to be involved in a research hospital (looks great for med school). Visit the schools and get a feel for them before making your decision.

    Good luck.
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  • BigRed25BigRed25 541 replies36 threads Member
    just a note jw, the SAT stats aren't for the same year. michigan's sat range is for last year's class while nyu's is for this year's freshmen class.

    it's also hard to compare the SAT breakdown between a public and private b/c as we all know, public schools have to admit a certain number of in state kids who tend to have lower stats than OOS kids.
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  • jwbluejwblue 1016 replies12 threads Senior Member
    I know that BigRed...the SAT stats were just an example of the latest available numbers. The SAT difference of 65 points is not very large but not insignificant either. Obviously Umich's latest stats aren't out yet, but I have no reason to think they'd be any different. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    "public schools have to admit a certain number of in state kids who tend to have lower stats than OOS kids"

    True, but it does speak to quality of student body at the schools, esp. since in-state kids constitute the majority of the population at a state school like U of M.
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    i know i mentioned earlier that everyone from my high school got accepted to UMich and i was wrong. i go to an out of state public high school...

    169 applied to UMich
    160 accepted
    2 are attending
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  • Med_TMudsMed_TMuds - 159 replies78 threads Junior Member
    In order, where do you think I have the best chances at:

    NYU RegDeci
    ND EA
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  • BigRed25BigRed25 541 replies36 threads Member
    michigan doesn't have EA, it's rolling admissions.
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