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JetergirlJetergirl 2 replies6 threads New Member
edited July 2005 in New York University
for everyone who was accepted can u tell me what ur sats/gpa/ec/community involvement were so i know what i should expect?
edited July 2005
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Replies to: **nyu**

  • dilo2330dilo2330 139 replies6 threads Junior Member
    in at stern:

    ACT 30
    GPA 4.0 (4 years)
    8 APs
    all other classes honors
    varsity hockey
    italian club
    national honor society
    eagle scout
    and my dad is friends w/ john sexton
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  • hhhuanghhhuang 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    in Stern:

    ACT: 31
    SAT: 1360 (remember, SAT's are now a different system, out of 2400 isntead of 1600, so this number isn't really as useful)
    GPA: 4.0 (it's lower...if you count senior year...)
    12 AP's
    Varsity Swimming (captatin)
    Varsity Tennis (captain)
    Varsity Cross Country
    Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra
    NYSSMA All NY State Orchestra
    Mock Trial
    Science Olympiads
    Math, french, service club
    dad is friends with...well...nobody important lol
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    in CAS

    SAT: 1410
    SAT II: spanish 680, physics 670, mathIc 750
    GPA: 4.4 weighted, 3.7 uw
    AP: spanish 4, physics B 4 & took language, calc AB and psych senior yr
    varsity dance team (4yrs)& captain (2yrs)
    varsity co-ed dance team (2yrs)
    spanish honors society
    california scholarship federation gold seal bearer
    girls service club
    ***hahah only 12 hrs of community service..... so obviously NYU didnt care that much about community service!!
    im filipino if that made any difference??

    hope this helps
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  • y17ky17k 699 replies127 threads Member
    in cas

    800/800/750 math/chem/writing
    GPA = 92
    rank = 1/120
    decent ecs

    imo u just need good stats to get into nyu
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  • mattistotlemattistotle 1686 replies57 threads Senior Member
    ya they really dont care much about EC's and essays it seems (for cas and stern atleast)
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  • hertishhertish 140 replies20 threads Junior Member
    in at CAS

    800/740/720 math2c/chem/writing
    GPA = 3.6
    decent ecs
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  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    In at CAS:

    SAT: 1600 (old system)
    SAT IIs: 790/750/690
    GPA: 3.7 Unweighted, top private HS
    Rank: School doesn't rank
    Other stats: Varsity in 2 sports, but not a recruit
    Good reccs and essays (or at least I thought)

    *I totally think that CAS and Stern are very numbers focused, while Tisch you'll need to be good at the artsy stuff too.
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  • MikestrmanMikestrman 106 replies5 threads Junior Member
    To ABirch III, I have read several of your posts...You are a snob. Good Luck to you.
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  • ABirch IIIABirch III 383 replies16 threads Member
    Interesting observation Mikestrman, especially considering the fact that we've never even met. From reading several of your posts, I can see you're a quick one to judge people as "stuck up" with your dime store over the internet analysis. I'll just take a guess and say you're very closed minded and rash when it comes to making judgements about people.

    Good luck to you as well!
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  • VanessaAnneVanessaAnne 269 replies19 threads Junior Member
    hahahahaha.....internet fight!!
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  • hhhuanghhhuang 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    rofl let the flaming begin!
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