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Is Transferring After Freshman Year Worth It?

kmoneyyyyykmoneyyyyy 0 replies2 threads New Member
Hello, I am a freshman at Drexel University currently studying Political Science. Even though I have only been at school for five and a half weeks, leasing agreements are opening and two days, and I started thinking about transferring. Initially, Drexel was not at all my top pick. Unfortunately, my college acceptances did not go well, and Drexel was left as my best choice. My plan was to transfer after freshman year, as Drexel is not at all known for their political science department, and I am worried about the job opportunities I would have after graduation. Though I do plan on minoring in Economics, which is one of Drexel's top programs, I still feel that in order to get substantial job opportunities with a political science degree, I would need to go to a school with higher prestige. Is transferring worth it, or should I focus on building relationships and my academic career here, and hope for the best in terms of job opportunities?
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  • EmpireappleEmpireapple 1799 replies26 threads Senior Member
    I disagree that you need to be at a higher ranked institution to get a great job offer.

    I have shared before, I have had only one co-worker who was from Harvard and he was fired.

    There are many facets that create success.
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