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got into northeastern... can I slack the rest of my senior year?

dream2rutgersdream2rutgers 20 replies7 threads New Member
edited March 2011 in Northeastern University
Would northeastern even care about my senior grade at this point? I'm not going to fail out of my classes, but what's the point of reaching for that A+ when I can just settle for a B+ or something if the outcome will all be the same, you know? Basically, how lazy can i get without it affecting my college acceptance whatsoever?
edited March 2011
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Replies to: got into northeastern... can I slack the rest of my senior year?

  • neuchimieneuchimie 1547 replies15 threads Senior Member
    ... uh. I have no idea how to respond.

    Northeastern won't care if you get Bs instead of As your last semester. So sure, you can slack off a bit I guess.

    But it's kind of a personal decision... I remember being at the edge of summa cum laude so I worked pretty hard my last year, and I also had IB and AP exams to study for that I cared about. Not to be overly dramatic, but the question of "whats the point" is there for the rest of your life. If you're comfortable and happy with the decision then go for it. Just try not to think the same way come September else you might regret it.
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  • Emily2007Emily2007 980 replies1 threads Member
    They aren't going to care if you get Bs. I was a mediocre student (at best) in high school and really dropped the ball last semester, didn't have any problems. I didn't even study for APs because I just didn't really care (don't do that, it's nice to get those AP credits, you'll thank yourself later!!!) Colleges are not going to rescind unless you seriously eff up.

    I definitely see neuchimie's point-- you'll need to be ready to work hard in college, and "what's the point" isn't a great attitude when it comes to school. But I was bored by most of my classes in high school. I didn't like the busy work, I didn't really feel like I was getting anything out of it, and so as a senior already admitted to college, I worked at the classes I enjoyed, and slacked in the other, so I see where you're coming from. Just make sure you come to school in the fall ready for 8 more semesters of school and hard work.

    And I can commiserate about the senioritis. I really do think it's worse now that I'm a college senior. I just want to sit out in the sunshine (not that there's been much of that recently) and drink a beer. Going to class and doing work is getting harder and harder, almost to the point of causing me physical pain. IS IT MAY YET?
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