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Chance me?

ashley16ashley16 1 replies1 threads New Member
edited August 2013 in Northeastern University
Hi! My names Ashley and I'm going to be a senior in high school this year. I toured Northeastern this summer and really liked it. However, I haven't exactly let myself love it because of my stats and the possibility of not being accepted.

A little bit about me would be that I am interested in sciences, pharmacy, and engineering, so right now I'm unsure on which major I'd like to be in. Right now I am currently studying Environmental Science at my high school. I get excellent grades in all of my ES courses which have included marine biology, forestry, limnology, mapping/GIS, water chemistry, and wetland conservation just to name a few. This year I will be taking a 40 hour hazmat training course which will certify me in both OSHA and hazmat.

As for academics, my school offers very few AP classes. There was an AP Physics class that I was planning on taking this year because it was only offered to seniors, however they took that class away. Also this year they are offering AP Lit to juniors, so I missed that class by a year unfortunately. And the last class I could take was AP Euro as a senior but I opted for Honors International Relations.

AP classes aside, I have taken the highest math courses I could possibly take all four years including: (All Honors) geometry, algebra II, pre calc, and calculus. I have also taken the highest english, science, and history classes sophomore, junior, and now senior year. The three honors science classes I have taken are biology, chemistry, and physics (this year).

Continuing with test scores/GPA, my weighted GPA is a 3.85 and I am ranked 15th in my class (I have a very small grade of about 125 students). Now this next part really bothers me...I scored a 1550 on my SATs. I scored a 600 in the math section which was good but I know I can bring that section up at least another 50 points. The parts I sucked at was the reading and writing which I scored a 470 and 480 in. I suck at taking tests and don't excel in critical reading and writing hence why I want to go into science...not english. But I am retaking the SATs in October so I'm hoping for the best...

This is getting really long, I'm so sorry! To wrap it up I'll just include that I am in the National Honor Society, a Freshman Orientation Leader, and a Student Ambassador. I am also on the Prom and Yearbook Committee for my senior year, and I wish I could say I was on sports teams but I am uncoordinated so I didn't play sports.

I have volunteered for a nonprofit organization that works in protecting nature and wildlife since my freshman year of high school and will have over 300 hours by the time I graduate. I continue to do community service at my local church where I help give out food baskets to those who are in need. I have a summer job at an amusement park, a babysitting job, and a job at a grocery market during the school year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! And please leave your honest opinions, I can take the truth...even if it hurts!
edited August 2013
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Replies to: Chance me?

  • jiblerjibler 1573 replies31 threads Senior Member
    What's your unweighted GPA?

    Try taking the ACT, some people do better on it. At the moment, it's unlikely you could get in, but if you have a solid unweighted GPA and get an ACT/SAT score that's in their range, you have a chance.
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  • tigerashtigerash 583 replies7 threads Member
    i would recommend taking the ACT, as it did wonders for me. With at least a 30 on the ACT, I think you would have a solid chance at Northeastern!
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  • ashley16ashley16 1 replies1 threads New Member
    My unweighted GPA is also 3.85. Not sure how that's even possible, 3.85 might not be my weighted GPA, my school is confusing haha I'll try to figure it all back when I go back!

    Thank you both! I think I'll definitely look into taking the ACT, hopefully I do well on it.
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