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Northeastern Honors Program vs. Tufts for Engineering

hcp1997hcp1997 7 replies4 threads New Member
I was recently admitted to both Northeastern and Tufts - both for chemical engineering. I received $20k scholarship from Northeastern as well as admittance to its Honors Program. I'm still waiting back to hear from Tufts financial aid. Both are two of my top schools and I am having a very tough time deciding between the two. Could anyone offer advice or information on both schools' programs, undergraduate experience, etc.? Thanks!
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Replies to: Northeastern Honors Program vs. Tufts for Engineering

  • kiddiekiddie 3491 replies220 threads Senior Member
    Well my daughter had to decide between those two schools - she was going in undeclared. We went to admitted student days at both places and they have totally different feels. Although we had been at both schools before (actually been to Tufts twice before and had almost applied ED there - it was her dream school for almost 2 years).

    The deciding factors included: Tufts students were not really "city" kids and Northeastern students were, the honors dorms in IV were great and Tufts dorms were old looking, the co-op program and career services at Northeastern were better, Tufts seemed more unstructured (which was a concern for an undeclared student). Oh and Northeastern has an annual underwear run but at Tufts it was a completely nude run (not sure if they got rid of that tradition or not).

    Turns out she made the correct choice and Northeastern is a perfect fit for her. As has been mentioned many times about them - the students at Northeastern are very practical minded.
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 14869 replies1005 threads Senior Member
    I like how the underwear run is usually scheduled during Parents' Weekend!
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  • novafan1225novafan1225 683 replies19 threads Member
    As a participant of this year's underwear run, I can say that the Parents' Weekend thing is entirely intentional and decidedly awesome. I think the concept is to annoy/horrify the parents of freshman (the run starts and ends in the freshman quad, so there's loud semi-nude college kids there for at least an hour)- but to my surprise, the parents love it. They were lining the streets all the way down Huntington, cheering us on and laughing. Super fun, definitely doing again!
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  • Totoro66Totoro66 339 replies9 threads Member
    The engineering program at Northeastern has great coops with companies like GE, EMC, and others. I know one person who is on his second coop at GE and another is doing a coop in Germany. I think the work experience component at Northeastern really sets it apart. With a $20K scholarship, it seems like a nobrainer, unless Tufts offers significantly more.
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